Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Even Deeper...

If you've been following the breathtaking tale of Alison Tyler's characters Jack, Samantha, and Alex, you're going to be thrilled to know her novella Even Deeper is out now. Now! Check out her intro below for a sneak peek as to contents and check out the novella on Amazon. A stark-raving mad steal at $2.99

I first discovered Alison Tyler's world of BDSM in 2005 when I was just starting out writing erotica. She was my shelter in the storm. So many books I'd read didn't really work for me. Weren't my cup of hot, hot java. Then I found her anthologies and thought, "Oh yeah, this is what I've been looking for. This is where I belong." Her work is real and raw and honest, is it any wonder she's a go-to for so many BDSM fans? Um...no!


Intro to Even Deeper:

Welcome back to the story of Jack, Samantha, and Alex. Yes, Jack’s name goes first. That’s intentional. That’s what he’d expect. You’ve made it to Paris—or almost to Paris. You’ve arrived at the airport with your bags packed and passport in hand. Hold on. Let me lead you to your seat in first class. Would you care for champagne? A warm towel?
I’ll sit at your side and tell you everything. At least, I will tell you to the best of my abilities. Some of the past is a blur, of course. Even the clearest memories would have to be altered after all this time. I’m not so different from the average girl looking back through the years.
What do I have to help? Diaries and notebooks. Scraps of paper that I tucked into various books I was reading at the time. I’m a packrat in many ways. I’ve saved so much. But for some of the scenes, I simply have to close my eyes and I’m back. Like that. I can not only visualize a room, but also smell the smoke and the whiskey. Not only imagine the way my lovers looked, but touch them. Reach out and stroke their skin. Run my fingers over the fine lines of muscles, the hard bodies.
Yes, I’m gazing on all this from a distance. I’m not twenty-two anymore. There are images, though, that might as well be tattooed on my skin. They are so vibrant, so filled with endless rich color. Rubies and sapphire. Dark emerald and violent fuchsia. A photograph burned into me forever.
Sometimes I wish I could write for days. Sit down and explain everything. Take you to the future with me so that you could fully understand the past. Instead, I do my best. I try to give you the moment. I try to hand it over, glossy, wrapped, like a present to open. A dream to climb inside.
For me, looking back is hazy. As if I’m watching something filmed underwater. Or grainy, like a movie from fifty years ago. But a gorgeous movie. A movie with depth. With resonance.
Thank you for sitting in that dark theater with me.
The dark, X-rated theater of my mind.
Alison Tyler

Friday, August 14, 2015

Back from the land of the lost...

And by land of the lost I mean enjoying my summer. Something I swore I'd do once my most recent novel was sent off as a final. Lots of movies (Pitch Perfect 2, Jurassic World, Paper Towns, Spy and The Gift so far), lots of books (a whole slew of John D. MacDonald Travis McGee books dontcha know), swimming, places and things and Netflix with my mini me(s). But I'm back to say "hey" and to say "yay"!

The reboot of one of my first erotic romance novellas The Anniversary Party is live today. It got an overhaul when rights were returned to me and a new fancy cover. Bad ass edits were by Christine Allen-Riley, beautiful romantical new cover by Willsin Rowe. New life is with Excessica Publishing.

If you didn't read it originally, I hope you'll give Kiley and Wade and their story a shot. If you do, drop me a note and let me know what you think. And reviews are always appreciated and often include the funky chicken dance.


Kylie is cracking under the stress of hosting a thirtieth anniversary party for her parents and trying to keep up with her freelance writing deadlines. With a new house, a well-meaning but useless sister, and roughly forty people about to descend on her home, she doesn’t think it can get much worse. Until her mother’s friend, Mrs. Sinclair, calls to ask if they might bring one more person. Her son, Wade. The man who up and left Kylie eight years before.
Wade Sinclair has come back to town with one hope—to make things right with his high school sweetheart. Still hopelessly in love with Kylie, Wade knows he must come clean about why he left her all those years ago so he can finally set about reclaiming what he never should have let go of in the first place—her love.

Can they put their past behind them and look toward the future? Or will the anniversary party be the end of them altogether?

Friday, July 3, 2015

Write What You Know...sort of...

photo credit: lightning (3) via photopin (license)

Before I start, I want to make it clear: I’m writing this not as a bitching blog. More of a fist pump in the air—never surrender kind of blog. The name of this little site is Unapologetic Fiction and it’s called that for a reason. Well, two reasons. Alison Tyler said that to me one day. “You’re writing is unapologetic”…I loved that. But also, I refuse to apologize for certain things I write. Even when I get dinged for them. Tada!

I write what a lot of folks refer to as ‘insta-love’. Not always. But often. Why? I’ve lived it. More than once, but anyone who knows me knows that final love, that one that really ‘stuck’, if you will, was for almost 20 years and only ended because he passed away. I believe in insta-love because I’ve lived it. I’ve seen it work from the inside out. I believe in it and the possibility of it and I think when a connection is made on a certain level it can be instantaneous and life altering—like a lightning strike.

I was reading a few reviews of my recent novel Chasing Shade this a.m. Something I try not to do, but hey, I was bored. There are a lot of mentions of ‘insta-love’ in these reviews. Some pro, some con. And I’m totally cool with that. Getting a two or three star for it won’t keep me from writing it, just like getting four or five star reviews for it won’t make me focus solely on IL. It is what it is.

One of the stand out comments in a review was about the amount of ‘talking during sex’. This is another thing I get dinged for (or praised for, depends on the reviewer). And…this is another thing I ‘know’, another thing I’ve lived. Hey, we talked a lot during sex. Not always, but often. Why? Because sex is more than a physical act. It’s a connection. Spiritual, emotional, whatever squishy new age word you want to tape to it—it’s more than just insert tab A into slot B. At least for us it was. It was a chunk of time where the whole world fell away and nothing else mattered. Because we were together and it was as together as two people can be without being in a SciFi movie and actually melding into one human being. (Ew, I just grossed myself out).

So, I won’t apologize for chatty sex. Intense sex. Spiritual sex. Sex that transcends fucking. I heartily believe in it *fist pump*.

That particular reviewer also mention stamina (due to all the talking). I won’t go into detail but that’s also something I’ve lived and experienced. But I’ll just leave that comment there and won’t elaborate *ahem*

Another thing I’ve experienced first hand: a good man. A REALLY good man. Some readers seem to think my men are unrealistic. Too understanding. Too willing to help the female lead, love her, maybe even help her heal. Again, I know it, I’ve lived it, I won’t apologize for it. (not that anyone has asked me to, this is a rambling blog that has no point other than to highlight why I write some of what I write even if some people hate it.) The man I had the honor of spending almost two decades with was a good man. An almost unrealistically good man. I mean, I even thought that when we first started dating. When does this end? When does the other shoe drop? When do I see the asshole aspect of his personality? The answer…never!

There was a comment also that said I used a barrage of “ugly yellow descriptors”. To be honest, I have NO idea what that means. But I laughed out loud when I read it and said (to no one because I was alone), “Well, that can’t be good.” But instead of hurting my feelings, I just kind of shrugged. Why? Because everyone won’t love my style of writing (or yours…or yours over there…or hers…). And that’s totally fine.

In a lot of ways I think reading the good, the bad, and the ugly reviews is healthy for me. I am at a place where I appreciate them all. Two, three, four, five stars…once upon a time a three or below would have made weep. For a day or two! Now I just figure, everyone is different. Everyone is looking for a different thing from the book they’re reading at any given time and if my book didn’t happen to fulfill that need, then no harm, no foul. If it did…awesome!

I think I’m the Mary Higgins Clark of ER to some folks. People who don’t like insta-love, unrealistically good men, long intense sex with talking. Why MHC? LOL, well, that’s because back in the day when I would tell people I loved mysteries, most women (especially) would say, “Oh, don’t you just love Mary Higgins Clark?” And I’d say no. (Shock! Horror! Dismay!)


“Because I always figure out who done it within the first or second chapter. I like to be surprised.” (HMC fans, this is my *personal* opinion. Please put down your torches and pitchforks.)


That being said, I am thrilled the book is getting read and reviewed. I am grateful for every single person who took the time to read and weigh in, even the ones who don’t like what I do. They don’t have to like what I do. But I’m going to keep doing it because it’s what’s in my heart, my head, and my experience. I don’t always write what I know (how boring would that be?) but when it comes to the bones of a novel I do tend to stick to what I ‘know’…lightning strike love, long bouts of emotional sex, understanding men who know what it is to love a woman. And I think that’s not boring at all…


Thursday, June 25, 2015

Surprise! (for me)...It's release day!

Well, somehow I got the insane notion that when school let out things would be more relaxed. Ironically, I've been about 10x busier since it let out than I was when it was in. WTF is that about? I have no idea.

The point of mentioning that is this...I never have any idea what day it is. Just what's on my list for that day. So, imagine my surprise when I woke up to a tweet announcing my new book Chasing Shade is out today. Erm...it is? Turns out it is! For some reason I kept thinking it came out tomorrow (Friday) but um...no. Today! So, yay! Surprise release day for me :)

Chasing Shade has gotten some lovely reviews on Goodreads so if you're a goodreader (heh) go check them out. If you've picked up a copy or even are just considering it, thank you, thank you. I appreciate it. :)


If she was selfish, she’d let him love her. If she was more selfish, she’d tell him that she loved him too.

Betsey’s trying to recover from a violent past that’s still haunting her. Paying emotionally for something she’s never done. She’s created a small safe life.

Archie’s homeless, jobless, living on the road and clueless as to where he’s going. Until a hair piece and gas station directions leads him to her. Then he’s just trying to hold onto his emotions as he finds himself falling hopelessly fast for the girl in the yellow uniform.

Fate is not dealing them an easy happy ride, though. They’re trying to get through one day at a time. Making it work. Chasing shade…

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

I interrupt this long blogging break to show off something sexy!

You might have noticed I've been silent but for some promo posts. I'll explain below. But I'm interrupting my silence to say yay! Chasing Shade (due out June 25th from Mischief Book HarperCollins) has a cover! Woohoo! :)

If she was selfish, she’d let him love her. If she was more selfish, she’d tell him that she loved him too.

Betsey’s trying to recover from a violent past that’s still haunting her. Paying emotionally for something she’s never done. She’s created a small safe life.

Archie’s homeless, jobless, living on the road and clueless as to where he’s going. Until a hair piece 
and gas station directions leads him to her. Then he’s just trying to hold onto his emotions as he finds himself falling hopelessly fast for the girl in the yellow uniform.

Fate is not dealing them an easy happy ride, though. They’re trying to get through one day at a time. Making it work. Chasing shade…

CS is available for pre-order both in the UK and the US. The US link is HERE.

As for what I've been up to (see some photographic evidence below!)...A lot of writing trying to finish up another Mischief title, a lot of produce buying, a lot of juicing, a lot of learning, and a lot of reading. I'm firmly planted in real life at the moment and trying to move forward and heal what I can from the last two years. Which means I often have less to say on blogs. But the ones I do show up for are important. I hope you'll stick around and keep checking in. I haven't forsaken my blog, I'm just not online as much right now. But I always come across things, both personal and professional, I want to share. So I'm here! I hope you are too :)


 *quite a haul of fruits and veg...eager to mash them into my magic machine!

 *swamp juice. Looks like ick, tastes like yum! 4 organic apples (seeds removed), 1 lb organic baby spinach, 2 organic carrots, 1 orange (peel removed)

*a recent fave read. After reading the Wayward Pines trilogy Black Crouch has picked up a mega fan in me. I read this one and just ordered the sequel book. It's on deck once I finish Saint Odd and then Stephen King's newest Lost and Found. #readingfiend

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Toy Boy by Lily Harlem out now!

Howdy, folks. Long time no blog. But I'll be back soon. I've been working a lot, juicing a lot (long story) and dealing with RL for the most part. I'll be back spouting some nonsense or other before you know it ;) But for now, let's look at this brand-spanking-new release from Lily Harlem.

Happy Tuesday!


By Lily Harlem

Toy Boy is Lily Harlem’s sexy new release and is out now! It’s a cougar story set in beautiful Greece and tells the tale of Kay and Sullivan on their ‘first’ date. Here’s the low down…

Back cover information

Getting something unexpected can be a shock, but it can also be a wonderful treat, if you allow yourself to indulge, that is.

Kay is bubbling with excitement. She’s booked a sailing holiday of a lifetime in Greece with a man she’s fallen for hook, line and sinker. They met on the Internet. She’s from Oxford, he’s from Washington State. She’s a business lecturer, he runs his own successful business.

They’re perfect for each other, and she can’t wait to meet him and spend time in and out of his bed, allowing him to seduce her for real and not just with softly spoken words over the telephone.

But when she arrives in the idyllic port of Fiscardo, she’s in for a shock. There’s a reason Sullivan’s photographs were grainy, and it’s not because he’s sporting a potbelly or balding as she’d suspected. It’s because he’s over a decade younger than her and could rival any Greek god in the looks department. What’s more, his sex appeal and lust for her is off the scale.

Should Kay take what she can with her ‘toy boy’ and have some fun in the sun or hop on the first plane back to England? It’s a tricky decision for a woman who believed she couldn’t be surprised by life anymore. 

Buy from Totally Bound  Amazon Amazon UK and all other good ebook retailers.


My dreams were filled with blue skies, turtles and fluffy, white clouds that cradled around me, rocking me, soothing me, tilting me this way and that in a constant languid motion.
I saw Greek gods, islands rising from an aqua sea, and heard the sound of waves slicing around dolphins as they rose and fell from the water as if flying.
The images and sounds of my dreams faded, and reality broke into my consciousness. For a moment, I wondered where I was, then my foot touched the cool surface of the cabin wall, and I remembered that I was on Dolly Bird and Sullivan was sleeping up on deck.
I turned to my back and looked up at the skylight. The stars had gone, and in their place was a clear sky fractured by a length of white mast holding a taut sail.
I’d have to get up and grab a taxi to the airport.
The thought made me sad all over again. It could have been so perfect.

My body tilted slightly to the right, then upward and back down.
The water in the harbor hadn’t been this rough the night before, and judging by the  cloudless sky, it certainly didn’t seem like a storm was over us.

I sat up and braced my hands behind myself, stared at my ruby-red painted toenails. Again I was jostled, not lots, but certainly more than I’d been the night before.

I swung my legs around, exited the cabin, then stood on the rocking floor of the small
seating area. I flicked open one of the drawn curtains. “What the...?”
All I could see was water. No land, no houses, and certainly no Fiscardo. Just an endless expanse of blue occasionally topped with a burst of white froth.
I spun around and looked out of the opposite window. It was the same.

Nothing but water.
I’m out at sea.

A wave butted the boat, and I lurched toward the galley and grabbed the counter for
support. What the hell was going on?

I was confused, not to mention dry from the wine the night before. I went into the
bathroom, brushed my teeth and splashed water on my face. After a quick gulp of bottled water, I headed up the small steps and pushed open the door to the outside world.
The glare of the sun hit me like a spotlight being turned onto my face, but I ignored it and climbed onto the windy deck.
“What on earth,” I said, holding on to the table and staring at the front of the boat, “is going on?”
Two white sails ballooned above me. Enormous and dramatic, they clung to the mast, ropes straining and groaning, reaching for the sky.
“Good morning.”
“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” I shouted, spinning and spotting Sullivan standing behind the large chrome wheel.
He wore nothing but his swim shorts and shades. The breeze had flattened his hair backward, and his shoulders and upper arms were tense as he held the wheel.
“Taking you for a spin,” he called over the breeze, grinning so wide his cheeks balled. “Like it?”
“No...no...and that is not what’s happening. Take me back to Fiscardo right now.” How dare he? Anger coiled in my stomach. It felt like my veins were suddenly too narrow for my blood.
“Can’t.” He shrugged.
“Of course you can. Turn around.” I put my hand up to shield my eyes and looked over his shoulder. In the far distance, I could make out land, rising giant-like from the sea. “Back there, take me back there.” I pointed, as a pounding beat set up in my temples.
“Can’t, the wind is blowing us this way.” He signaled to the sails. “We’re at the mercy of the gods.”
I held on to the rail that supported the Bimini and hoisted myself upward onto the main body of the boat for a better look at my location. The wind caught my hair and cooled my cheeks. I peered into the distance. “There must be a way, and I demand that you—”
He reached for my wrist, grabbed me, and pulled me down.
“Hey, watch it,” I said, gripping a metal railing that ran around the side of the boat. I was struggling to keep my footing and bumped against the table.
“No, you watch it.” He released me and gestured above me. “The boom nearly got you. Gotta keep an eye out for it. Wily sucker once the speed picks up.” He stepped away and grabbed the wheel again.
“Why did it do that? It nearly killed me.” I looked up at the scarily heavy bar that had ropes slipping upward. It had nearly chopped my head off. Damn thing.
“Probably won’t kill you,” Sullivan said, tightening something on his right. “But it will give you a thumper of a headache. Best you stay on this part of the deck for now.”
Huh, I had a headache already. Temper did that to me. “Not very health and safety conscious around here, is it?” I stepped behind him, as far away as possible from the lurching pole, and held on to the stern rail.
“Baby,” he said, still gripping the wheel but looking at me over his shoulder. “This is the big bad ocean. Danger lurks everywhere. Not even a guy with a hard hat and a clipboard can sort this out.”
I frowned at him. “Seriously, take me back. I don’t want to be out here.”
“I told you, I can’t. Besides, I want you to see some of the islands before you jump on a plane and leave me.”
“What?” I put one hand on my hip but kept hold of the rail with the other—the boat was skimming over the water, bouncing rhythmically. I couldn’t believe what he’d just said. He’d taken me against my will. He knew I’d wanted to get back to the airport today. Did he really want to see me lose it with him? “So you’ve just gone and bloody kidnapped me?”
He turned to me again and shoved his glasses to the top of his head in that cute way I’d noticed he did. He let his gaze settle on my face, then bit on his bottom lip, just a little—so I could see his top teeth—and let his attention slide over my body.
I glanced downward. Damn. I was standing in just my new, white underwear. It was pretty damn sexy with the lace detail and the balcony cups, because when I’d bought it, I’d wanted to look hot for him.
“Jesus, Kay. I’d say it was more like womannapped than kidnapped, wouldn’t you?”

"Kick off your shoes, shed your clothes along with your inhibitions and indulge yourself in a sensual adventure."

"Wow! What a story!" 

"What can I say but off the charts HOT!"

"Another fantastic book by Lily Harlem, she does such a great job of describing the characters and the place I could smell the sea and felt like I was on an island in Greece."

"A new romance book by Lily Harlem - no other words are needed, you just know it's going to be fabulous."

 "Simply a beautiful, sexy, smile-inducing story that you will want to read over and over."

"An absolutely perfect book to read whilst pool side or lounging on a sun deck."

Oh the sun, the sea, the sex! Lily has a way of writing that puts you in the book. Her descriptions of Greek Islands had me day-dreaming I was on a boat, feel the wind and sun on my face, could smell the charcoal fires from the harbour side café's and taste the olives and wine.

About Lily Harlem

Lily Harlem lives in the UK and is an award-winning, multi-published author of contemporary erotic romance. She writes for publishers on both sides of the Atlantic including HarperCollins, Totally Bound, Xcite, Ellora’s Cave and Sweetmeats Press. Her Hot Ice series regularly receives high praise and industry nominations.

Before turning her hand to writing Lily Harlem worked as a trauma nurse and her latest HarperCollins release, Confessions of a Naughty Night Nurse, draws on her many experiences while nursing in London. Lily also self-publishes and The Silk Tie, The Glass Knot,  In Expert Hands and Scored have been blessed with many 5* reviews since their release.

Lily writes MF, MM and ménage a trois, her books regularly hit the #1 spot on Amazon Best Seller lists and Breathe You In was named a USA Today Reviewer’s Recommended Read of 2014. Her latest MM novel is Dark Warrior.

Lily also co-authors with Natalie Dae and publishes under the name Harlem Dae - check out the Sexy as Hell Box Set available exclusively on Amazon - The Novice, The Player and The Vixen - and That Filthy Book which has been hailed as a novel 'every woman should read'.

One thing you can be sure of, whatever book you pick up by Ms Harlem, is it will be wildly romantic and down-and-dirty sexy. Enjoy!

Find Lily on the web.