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I've spent more time giving a few more of my books some love. Hey, whatever gets you through the day, right?

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A Many Splintered Thing / Day 37: “That you have possibly the most spectacular ass in history.”

Did you know we are creeping up on 50K? Almost at 100 pages? I did not either. But I do like where we are at the moment...

Her body grew heavy from head to toe and then she was lost in those moments—three or four heart beats of time where everything faded away. Then she came back to his lips on her inner thigh. Kissing up, kissing down. Big hands splayed over her belly as if pinning her to the bed.

She tried to sit up and he tsked at her. “No, no, I’m coming to you,” he said and Dahlia dropped back to the bed. She watched him as he unbuckled his belt and got his jeans off. He whipped off his tee and her lust expanded.

His cock was hard against the barrier of cotton until he pulled the boxer briefs off. Then it was just hard and ready and seeing it made her stomach do that swooping falling thing again.

Caleb’s gaze found hers and she said nothing but he heard every word. He followed her line of vision and her focus before climbing on the bed on his knees and moving so he could run his cock along her lips. Dahlia pressed her mouth to him, sought him with her tongue, finally moved her head incrementally and sucked the tip of him into her mouth. When she stilled he slowly and carefully thrust so that he filled her mouth and then her throat.

That brief bird-beating-its-wings instant of panic happened but she breathed through it and shut her eyes. Remembered it was him. Remembered what he represented to her already. Smelled the signature scent of Caleb. It was something like cotton and man and sunshine and honor…

She smiled.

“Why you smiling, Dahlia?” His fingers sifted through her hair and he thrust again, cutting off any words that might try to be born there but only for an instant.

Then he withdrew and she spoke even as she reached out to take him in hand. “Just thinking of the smell of you.”

“Smell of me?” He ran the tip of his cock along her thigh, nudged her so he could run it along the swell of her ass, stroking himself along her and making her smile. It was silly and sexy at the same time.


“I smell?”

“You do.”

Caleb rolled her to her belly and she wondered how late they were for work. Realized she didn’t care. Not a lick. Not right now.


“But you smell good,” she murmured.

“Like what?”

“Like you.”

“Now that that’s cleared up,” he said, voice deep, “raise your hips a little.” She obeyed and he pushed a pillow beneath her. Her breasts were smashed flat to the bed and she had a quick shiver of a thrill pass through her as she realized he was going to take her that way. On her belly, ass pushed in the air.

Caleb dropped a kiss on her shoulder and then between her shoulder blades. He stroked her bottom with his big, warm hands and she found herself pushing her hips up even more, ass high, pressing into his hand with eagerness.

He ran the head of his cock down from her lower back, along her ass crack to her back hole. She had a brief rush of expectation when he pressed gently but then he tsked at her again and said “Soon”.

Caleb slid lower and pushed until he was half-way in her. He paused and Dahlia felt her entire body as it seemed to exhale with anticipation. Her clit thumped along with the thunder in her heart. Then he drove into her forcefully, holding her hips in his big hands. She felt tethered to earth but floating free in the wilds of darkest space.

It was the most arresting feeling she could recall.

“Can I just tell you,” he said, voice low, hands gripping tight. “That you have possibly the most spectacular ass in history.”

Another time, another man, she might have laughed at that. But not now. Not him. She sighed and pushed back to show him how badly she wanted him in her. He took the hint and thrust deep to fill her.

He fucked her that way until a tear or two slipped free of her eyes. Then he ran his fingertips along the ladder of her spine and said, “Put your hands up, Dahlia.”

She put her hands up, one on either side of her face as it pressed down into the pillow. She pushed her palms against the resistance of the mattress and kept them that way as if under arrest.

Caleb angled his body and wrapped his hands around her wrists, pinning her there. She was powerless to move, she was helpless to change her position as he continued to drive in and out of her, his cock nudging every tender, swollen place inside her. Her clitoris seemed to hum with energy, begging to be touched but denied the pleasure of contact.

Every thrust stimulated her G-spot from a different angle than she was accustomed to. The pleasure building in her was thick and syrupy. Heavy. It seemed to coax all the energy from her muscles and settle leadenly in her bones.

“Your back’s not too shabby either,” he grunted.

She found herself blushing as he spoke.

“I love a gorgeous back, and you, Dahlia, have an amazing back. A work of art. You only see backs like this one in paintings.” His big body was spread out over hers and he dropped a kiss right between the very tops of her shoulder blades.

She shivered.

Then his mouth settled on her shoulder, his hot breath rushing across her nape as he fucked her. His teeth skated along her skin and then took hold, clamping down on a bit of flesh as if he were marking her.

“Oh—“It flew off her lips before she was aware of it even as a passing thought.

He grunted and drove deeper. His fingers around her wrists grew tighter and she knew he was going to come. She thought she wouldn’t. No way. But she was still boneless from two orgasms and that was just fine by her.

At the last moment he released her right hand and said, “Come with me.” To get her in motion he took her hand and moved it lower along the bed to indicate he wanted her to touch herself. She obeyed, pushing her hand between her body and the pillow, finding the needy knot of her clitoris and rubbing even as she thrust back and up to take him. He still pinned her fairly flat, his left hand covering her left wrist. But she could move and as he pushed his face into her hair and whispered, “What the hell am I going to do with you, woman?” she came.

Caleb thrust once, twice and then a third time before going rigid against her and coming with a long, rough sigh.

They were there, frozen in time for a few beats and then he rolled to his side and pulled her along with him. He brushed her hair back and kissed her. She returned the kiss with a generosity she couldn’t remember giving another lover.

“Now tell me,” he said, smiling. “Before we both go get fired for being six years late for work…why this room? Why not yours or mine? Why this one?”

She’d forgotten in the heat of their coupling and now she grinned. It was a Cheshire cat grin. “Open that nightstand drawer,” Dahlia said.

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A Many Splintered Thing / Day 36: She made that sound again.

My apologies to Caleb and Dahlia for leaving them in limbo for so long. And you, dear reader, I hope you find today's installment worth the significant wait.


“I can deal with that,” she said, hearing the thickness in her own voice. His fingers, big but nimble, plucked at the button of her jeans and pulled down the zipper. A heated lust uncurled in her. Starting in her pelvis and working its way up through her belly and into her sternum. Her breath came short and fast and she thought the moment he touched her that might be it.

She made a noise and his eyes studied her face. Even as he spoke he pushed her waistband down. 

“What was that?”

“Me thinking the moment you touch me I’m probably going to come.” She chewed her lip when he grew still and continued just to watch her face.

He gave her a cocky half smile and his fingers swept softly along the skin that had recently been covered by denim. “That’s okay, Dahlia. If that happens, we’ll just make sure you come again. Like I said, I’m taking my time with you.”

With that, he pushed her jeans down and cool air kissed her hips and her ass. He made quick work of her red panties, pausing only to cock an eyebrow at the color.

“I like red,” she said softly.

“I concur.”

Instead of hauling her close and touching her the way she anticipated, he took a step back and put his hands on his hips. Then his eyes, darker it seemed, possibly from light but she liked to think from lust, studied her again. He ran his gaze over her body making her squirm.

“You’re killing me,” she said, standing there. Her hands hung down to her side and she tried to still the restless urge to cover herself in some way. Or put her hands on her hips. Or flee the room. If it hadn’t been so intoxicating—him watching her that way—she might have done all three.

“Hardly,” he said. Then he went back to watching her.

“I’m naked,” she said, feeling stupid.

“I know. Isn’t it great?”

A burst of laughter erupted from her lungs startling her. “But you’re not.”

“Not yet.”

“I wanted you to know,” she said, breathlessly, wanting to fill in the silence he was supplying. “That I’m on the pill. I’m clean as a whistle. And if you are I was thinking we could…”

His gaze grew sharper and he licked his lips. It was like being watched by a gorgeous predator. The feeling spiraled through her, leaving her a little weak in the knees and light in the head.

“We could?”

“Go without.”

“Without what?” he asked, torturing her. He smiled again and her pussy grew wetter. She hadn’t thought that possible but there it was.

“A condom,” she said again, forcing her voice louder.

He moved toward her then and her heart skipped a beat. It then seemed to struggle desperately to regain its regular rhythm.

He pushed himself close to her, his clothed chest pressed against her bare breasts. He put his hand between her legs and stroked her. She felt her eyes drift shut and her pelvis migrate forward to meet his touch. Caleb slid a finger inside her, gathered her moisture and then pulled his finger free to spread it on her pounding clit.

She made that noise again.

Caleb leaned in and kissed her almost chastely. As if kissing the sound off her lips.

He did it again. And then again. On the third time he began a simple soft rotation over her clitoris. When she sighed mightily, he switched tactics and pushed two thick fingers indie her. Repeatedly, he curled his finger inside her and then she was coming. Her hands flew up to grip his shoulders because her knees dipped as if they might drop her right to the floor.

He kissed her again, but this time more deeply. His tongue worked against hers, his arms looped possessively around her waist.


She found she liked the word. The connotation. The idea.

“I think you’re a bit wobbly, sweetheart. How about we move to the bed.”

She nodded, not trusting her words. He picked her up a few inches off the floor, almost as if carrying a child, and deposited her gently on the bed. Then he pushed her back, grabbed her legs and slid her so her ass was at the edge of the bed and her lower legs dangled over.

When he dropped to his knees and pushed her legs wide she thought she might lose her mind. She watched him as he descended on her, his breath hot across her inner thighs and her nether lips. She gripped fistfuls of the expensive white comforter and tried to keep her body in check. She tried desperately not to rise up to meet his mouth but behave and wait for him to do things in his own time.

“Caleb—“ she said, not knowing what else she intended to say. When she said nothing else he said conversationally, “Dahlia” as if they were greeting each other in passing at the grocery store.

Another wave of crazily joyous laughter escaped her but then he’d pressed his mouth to her pussy and his tongue had found that hard, desperately needy knot of flesh and he was licking.

Dahlia bit her tongue to keep from whimpering and focused on pressing her ass down against the bed. The man wasn’t even nude yet and she was working on her second orgasm. It seemed to rocket toward her like swiftly moving smoke, consuming her logical, rational thoughts and leaving her in a rattled, shaky, pleasured mess.

He sucked softly on her clit, nudged it with his tongue, painted wet and looping swirls across her most sensitive skin.

“Fuck,” she said.

“Soon,” he murmured, his mouths still against her sex. “And sans condom,” he reminded her.

Fresh lust speared her and she gave into her body, grabbed hunks of his hair and thrust her pelvis up, pushing herself unapologetically against his wonderful mouth.

“There’s my girl,” he chuckled and she thought she’d come just from the words he’d chosen.

“Yes,” she said.

“Yes,” he echoed. Then drove those long, thick fingers back inside her. He sucked, licked, swirled…did everything to keep her on edge, until her legs came up seemingly of their own accord and the orgasm sucked her under. As violent and forceful as the ocean before a storm. She sank down in it, floundered in it, embraced it and then let it carry her away.

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A few more. I told you they were amusing me... :)

The Ever Popular 2 Second Attention Span...

So this morning's bonus was boy child woke and could not move his head from a very stiff neck. So he's in pain and I'm thinking a lot anxious. The fact that he felt he was adding to my burden/stress didn't help. So now he's at the doc with my mom, I'm juggling two phones and trying to stay on top of what the man needs. Om...If you see me posting little poster thingydoos on social media it's because I cannot write. Can't focus. Apologies to my AMST readers. :( So believe it or not formatting--which is normally mind-numbing and awful--becomes soothing and things like making little posters pleases my 2 second attention span. I've also found that Pinterest is the crack of the internet world when you can't think straight and have nothing clever to actually say aloud. It's just scroll-scroll-scroll-pin. *repeat*

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A Many Splintered Thing / Day 35: “And you’re just going to stand there?”

I was up earlier than I needed to be today so I had time alone and quiet and this is what I ended up with. Today will be a challenging day for us, so if you could spare a good thought it would be greatly appreciated.



Dahlia stepped back and leaned against the counter. She watched Caleb who watched her in return with a great patience. He put his hands in his pockets to show that he was content to wait for her to come to a decision.

Emotions swirled in her chest, the sensation bleeding into her belly. Fear, relief, happiness. The last one scared her more than the first. She thought it was fairly normal to be afraid of something as intense and instantaneous as what she felt for Caleb. But the happiness was foreign to her. At least on a grand scale.

She crossed her arms across her chest to hide her shaking hands. Her head buzzed and she chewed her lower lip, the tiny sparks of pain from her teeth sharpening her focus so she could think.

“See, here’s the part where I have to decide if I believe you or not.”

He inclined his head in a slow nod. “Indeed it is.”

“And you’re fine to just stand there and study me like a lab experiment as I do it?” She crossed her ankles too. Her whole body giving off a back-off vibe. She couldn’t help it. Faced with situations like this left her feeling vulnerable. A sickening reminder of a time in her life when she was powerless. Her body language, she was aware, thanks to every hippy-dippy therapist she’d ever tried on for size, gave off a control vibe.

Another nod. That nod did things to her gut. It whirled with a million imaginary butterflies. “If that’s what you need to do, I’m game.”

“Did you want this egg?” she asked.


She smiled. She couldn’t help it.

“What do you want?”

It was his turn to smile. The smile was more of a bad boy smirk and she felt the heat in her cheeks reignite.

“What I want is in jeans and purple zebra socks and a black tank top. She has long dark hair and bright blue eyes and she could probably kick my ass if she wanted to.”

It pleased her, what he said, but Dahlia tried so hard not to let him see it. She raised her shoulders in a shrug and said, “Well…as long as you realize it.”

Caleb laughed outright and the sound of his laughter filled her, burst apart in her chest, quickened her heart.

Then he was back to stoic and patient. It was almost maddening.

“You swear nothing happened?”

“I do.”

“I have no hold on you, I kno—“

“Ah, but you do.”

That shut her up. Her heart had gone from quick to pounding. It beat so heavily she felt it in her temples. “I do?”

“You do. Seemingly from the get-go. Which, I’m fairly certain, makes you a witch.”

She let her arms drop. “Damn. You found out my secret.”

“It was bound to happen,” he said. A new light lit his eyes. She recognized that look as his eyes swept over her from head to toe, taking her in. She watched his pulse jump at that sweet spot between neck and shoulder.

“What?” she said, for lack of anything clever to say.

“Nothing. Just waiting.”

“And you’re just going to stand there?”

“Why not?”

She shook her head. “I don’t know what to do,” she said, her eyes straying to the clock.

“What do you want to do?” he picked up his coffee and took a sip.

He must be a hell of a poker player, Dahlia thought.

She straightened up and stretched, reveling in the way his gaze tracked her movements. “I want to be late to work,” she said. “After all, the slave driver I work for said I could.”

She moved as if to go past him but the last moment she snagged his wrist and tugged. “Follow me,” she said.

“Anywhere,” Caleb said.

They both froze for a moment. She looked at him for a beat and realized, as the flock of butterflies moved through her stomach again, that he meant it.


She led him past her room and then past his. The very end of the hall had a room with the most windows. The biggest bed. The plushest room. Caleb hadn’t chosen that room when he moved in because it was too much, too big, it didn’t feel like him.

“Why are we here?”

“I’ll explain later,” she murmured, tugging his tee up. She paused, running her fingertips only along the ridges of his abdomen and Caleb felt his muscles and nerve endings jump at her touch. It was like being mildly and pleasantly electrocuted.

“Okay,” he said. He heard the thickness in his voice caused by arousal. His cock pressed insistently against his boxers and jeans.

She stood on her tiptoes and kissed him. Her mouth was warm and welcoming and he thanked his lucky stars silently that she’d taken him at his word. This trust thing was new but Caleb thought he could get used to it.

He cupped the back of her hair, that heady scent of Dahlia mixed with shampoo and soap hit him and he breathed it in. He pushed his tongue against hers, the kiss growing more demanding as his body insisted he move forward with this. Get her naked, feel her skin, run his mouth over any part of her he could manage. It was a consuming sensation, this want he felt for her. Like nothing he’d ever experienced, like nothing he’d ever imagined.

He grabbed the hem of her tank and yanked it up over her belly and then her breasts. He was well past the point of patience of manners. She willingly raised those long tan arms and let him pull it over her head. Her hair, loose today, flew around her face and he thought again how wild she looked at times. Like some untamed creature made of fire and light.

“Christ,” he said, his voice a growl.


“Nothing. Just trying to tame the poetic moron in my head who won’t shut up about how gorgeous you are.” He touched her mouth and she parted her lips to suck the tip of his finger. The heat seemed to radiate up from his finger to his chest.

“I like that poetic moron.”

“You are. Not just gorgeous” he said, working on the front clasp of her bra. She kept her hands down content to let him do it. That made him even harder. “They really haven’t invented the word yet for what you are, Dahlia.”

The bra fell open and he was on her. His lips on her shoulder, sliding lower on her collar bone. He took his time, as best as he could, dragging his lips along her soft skin. When he reached her breast, he bypassed the nipple and used his teeth on the side swell of her breast. Her body grew taut and he heard her suck in a breath. Caleb pulled back to watch the magic happen. Her semi-hard nipple grew tight and pebbled as he watched. He swept his fingers over the very tip and watched her body hum with energy.

“You’re killing me,” she said, her eyes looking more than a little intoxicated.

“Nope. I’m taking my time with you.”

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