Monday, August 23, 2010

Brain Scramble

Okay, so here is where my head is. That's a tiny piece of my inspiration. Add it to another piece you'd never ever ever place it with and voila, two men you'd never put together but in my head...smoking hot. I start a new novella tomorrow for a m/m project. Oh, and I have the mainstream still trickling out of my skull page by slow page. Plus, I have that full-length erotic paranormal stalking me and...this is why I try to be a runner. [note the use of the word try] It slows my head down. Running. Baking. Wine. Painting my kitchen. But for now...we'll go with the wine.

Good night, y'all. Tomorrow starts a brand new project.



  1. That's an awesome vid, Sommer. The logistics of it freak my tiny brain out...I am so envious of your productivity, lovely lady. I think I'll finish a story this year some time...

  2. you wouldn't be if you saw the circles I turn in to get there. i'm like a dog trying to figure out where it wants to lie down. ;)



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