Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Fall is in the air...

this morning. I opened the sun room to let Oyvie out and ah...cool air. Not the blast furnace morning heat that's been greeting me. I am ready! Fall is my favorite time and the first day it feels cool every summer I start the coveting. The super fabulous, sexy, yummy boot coveting. This year I want these so bad I can feel their naughty smooth surface under my fingertips if I close my eyes.

Hmm. I did just get a royalty check...

Anyway! If you are coveting a free goodie (or a bag) you have today left to enter my blogwarming giveaway (see below for details). I'm off to start that project I mentioned. And that other one. And a short I promised someone.

More coffee, please. And a side order of those boots to go with.

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