Tuesday, August 31, 2010

It's a woman's right...

To change her mind. And I did. My contest was due to run until mid-September but fizzled after a few days and no comments have been made for almost a week. Though I liked some names, none of them grabbed me and shook me hard. Until...the man said "December Ink" whilst we were out trotting the big red wiener around the neighborhood (the dog not his...nevermind).

I'm a December baby. Snow flew the day I was born and I still live for the stuff. The new press was instantly named. Bam! Just like that. So I am buying him some mussels and beer as a prize (guys are so easy). If you entered and would like a free download of a book of your choice hit me at decemberink@gmail.com and tell me where to send it and what you want. I'll send you your booby prize (heh) ASAP.

New press will be up soon here. Now I have to scurry about changing information wherever I've already been. And since I can barely remember where I am or where I'm going, remembering all the places I've been is gonna be interesting! :)

Sommer who is still scarce due to defective zombie like computers...


  1. Congratulations! The new site and new name are both gorgeous!


  2. yay! thanks so much. as soon as the name popped up that picture popped into my head from our big blizzards this year. that is my bedroom window at dusk. am i lucky or what?

  3. Love it. Congrats. :D And you can send me anything you darn well wish, boobies and all. LOL.

  4. LOL> Thanks, Angell. But I don't know what you have! (beyond boobies, ya know?) ;)


  5. I know I've said before that I don't love the cold...but I do love the snow...

    Gorgeous. Great effect getting the trees in the name, too. Loovleh...


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