Saturday, August 28, 2010


Time seems to have accelerated these last three weeks. We hit the second week of August and bam! It was warp speed, Mr. Spock. (Heh, typed 'warm speed' the first time. Not sure what kind of Freudian slip that was).

Today I'm trying to dive headfirst into the current m/m novella. I want to wrap that up , move to the next, then the novel and all the baby projects I tuck in between big ones. School starts Monday and I think they're ready but I am not. Especially not ready to be the mother of a high school student. Oh. My. God. How did that happen? (o_O)

And tonight we are going out to a big celebratory dinner with family. So for the next six hours I will obsess over my apparel. Because you know I'm a home body by nature, I don't go out a lot. But when I do I like to pass for human...heh.

Happy weekend!


p.s. Don't forget to scroll down and enter to win the Name My Press contest. Or look to your right for the Goodreads Coupling giveaway. And if I owe you a package (*snort* *giggle**laugh*) they go out Monday! Ole!
p.p.s. fabulous "flying time" pendant here!

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