Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Oh Lucy, you got some...

'splaining to do. About how you got this fabulous idea. The ever-adorable smutter Lucy Felthouse has started a new site Erotica For All. And I'm up there. And so are some other great writers and word on the street is more to come. So, why don't you go poke around (heh) and keep coming back for more (heh heh) because it promises to be a scandalously good site.

Erotica For All~Doesn't that sound like some grand declaration? Like one for all and all for one or it is a far, far better thing I do than I have ever done...or...beam me up, Scottie.



  1. Tee hee. You make me giggle. The idea came because I thought it would be nice to have a site for readers and writers. They can go for all kinds of smut related info, and when the forum is live, we'll be able to chat loads too! :-)

  2. it is looking pretty darn spiffy from over here! congrats on it all :)


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