Monday, August 30, 2010


my piece of poo computer. It bit it today. All week it's been telling me to run a disk check. It's important! Run it! it said (not verbatim). I kept putting it off. Today I did what I was supposed to do and ran it. Oops, it said, you are now dead. Since we ran it we discovered we have bitten the big one. Thank you for running the disk check and now kiss your computer goodbye. It was a good year...(again, not verbatim). I've had it about 14 months. Meanwhile, girl child's cheap ass laptop she paid $300 for is running like a dream. (that's what I'm typing on now).

If you need me, I might be slow to answer. If I am permanently missing something and you have it, you might be hearing from me. That sound you hear is me swinging wildly between weeping and cursing. That smell you smell is my brain burning. That grinding sound is me trying not to list mentally all the stuff I just lost. This H and this P can be put together to warn you what kind of thousand dollar paper weight I now own.

Is it too early to drink?

Tomorrow it's out to store to buy DUPLICATE cheap ass LAPTOP like girl child's! Eesh!


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