Friday, September 10, 2010


Bad, thirty-four years ago today my father died of leukemia and I still miss him even though the vivid memories I have of him are as thin as shredded ribbons. Good I have this book coming out to benefit the LLS. Bad, to this day there are moments I'd murder someone for a cigarette. Good, three years ago today the man and I quit smoking cold turkey, ensuring longer lives for us and more time with our kids. Bad, we had to cancel the vacation we were supposed to leave on this morning. It was only a few days but hey. Good, we have a daycation trip planned tomorrow and we'll be able to squeeze maybe two more daycations out of the money we'd had reserved. And fall is upon us so a few daycations in October sound pretty snazzy.

Bad, I am bone dead tired for some reason today. Good, I am only about 5,500 from finishing my project that will go to print. Bad, like I said I'm tired--really, really wiped. Good, it's so breezy and cool I can laze about with my hoodie and socks on. And in a moment I'll make a cup of tea.

I guess you can always wring something good out of something bad if you really try. Happy Friday. ;)



  1. I love your take on things. Enjoy the good, and embrace the bad, cuz it makes the good better.

    SMOOCHES. Have a great daycation and a fabulous weekend.

  2. I think I'd murder someone for the kind of autumn (okay, fall) you guys get over there. I was telling someone the other day, here in Brisbane we get two seasons...summer, and then for about three weeks, not quite summer. Sorry to hear about the vacation, lovely lady.

  3. hey thanks youse guys! you rock. it promises to be a fun daycation tomorrow. and we're gonna hit a fair sunday. not too shabby. ;)

    bleh, willsin i am not suited to your weather then. i count down the days for fall and then when the weather shifts into winter i'm even happier. i am definitely a jeans, sweater, boots girl! y'all can have your shorts and bathing suits. i like to be snuggly (hmm. typed snuffly first. freudian slip anyone?)

    have a great weekend.


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