Friday, September 17, 2010

For Emma...

Hillman, the great boot hunter. I promised these and finally found the camera! It was cleverly placed the last place I hid it from boy child (to teach him a lesson for leaving it about). It was in a secret location that I *knew for certain* I'd remember. *ahem*...
Can you see the halo around them? Can you hear the heavenly choir?

Close up of the sexiness. Where's my whip?

Bonus Pic: gluten free noodle soup made with stuff from trip to Farmer's Market and grocery store. Nom, nom, nom...




  1. WOOT - sexy ass boots woman.

    Great - now I feel the need for retail therapy after the boring ass week I've just had.

    *checks pocketbook - moths fly out*

    Maybe next time.

  2. Gorgeous! I'm in total boot lust. And the noodles look yummy too. :0)

  3. Oh, I even get a blog post. Snif.
    Lovely, lovely boots. I used to have some like these a couple years back. I wore them out *grin*

    Thanks for the pics, Sommer! I knew you'd find your camera eventually (uhm, well, not knew per se, but yeah :).

    Now, I really want another pair for winter. I already have three, but hey, who's counting? My husband that's whom. Ah well. I'll use my royalties so he can't complain!

  4. Soup looks nice! Nom.

    I am in boot purgatory. There haven't been any I've liked for about 4 years now. I have a nice pair of heeled ones but I need every day flat motorbike type ones and I can't find 'em. And I can't afford 'em even if I do. I need to find some better boot karma. Glad to see yours is working for you!

    wv: mornmag

  5. Angel: Last year I got 3 pair. This year one. One, one, one. But I gave away four to charity a few weeks ago. I cannot walk in high high heels any more. My inner ear, she shuns it, so I donated them.

    Cora, they are yummy. Super yummy. And so easy. :)

    Emma, royalties. Check! That is how I pay for my fun stuff. They are treats. He buys hot sauce and CD's. I buy boots. The way I see it, mine last waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay longer than his.

    Jo, I will say good Oms for your boot karma. Good luck!


  6. Totally!

    And I think I deserve a new pair anyway. I bought my thigh-high pair last year with royalties too, and I consider those money very well spent!

    Now, I just need to find the perfect pair. I feel like purple or red boots for a change. What d'ya say?

  7. I just gave away a purple pair and a red pair. But they were way too high and way too complicated. I wouldn't mind a newer version of each color. Hmm..and I do have some royalty $ on Paypal...Damn, damn, damn Emma! You'r horns are showing!


  8. Love the boots! Love, love, love the boots!
    Love the boots!
    Did I say?
    Love the boooots!


  9. What horns? You're the one who already bought another pair!

    Okay, I definitely want, no, I need new boots. Red or purple. Preferably knee-high. No heels because I need to walk, a lot. *rubs hands* I'm going hunting, hunting, hunting... (You can't hear it but I'm singing :p).


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