Friday, September 3, 2010

I'll Cop To It

I can be a pretty bad girl. Especially if there's promise of punishment (and then reward) in my future.

Today is my day on the Spank! tour and I'm posting a teeny nibble of my story Sugar. I'm always getting in trouble--that kind--for little things. Stealing a piece of fudge when I make him swear not to let me eat any more lest I get sick, laughing when I get the Jeopardy! question right and he doesn't, being argumentative when I'm cranky, wearing pants that look too good (heh)...blinking. Sometimes I think I'm so ornery so I have to pay the price. What do you mean duh?

Don't forget to follow the tour. List can be found here. Yesterday's post was on the adoration of spanking and who knows what tomorrow's will be!

From Sugar by Sommer Marsden

I suck the chocolate off my finger feeling something akin to a state of arousal. I'm locked in a traffic jam of bodies as everyone crowds and drinks and jostles to find the birthday boy. I sip my vodka and tonic and sigh as if I've just had a good, good orgasm.

"What's that on your breath, babe? Thought we were off the sugar," Jake says against the back of my neck. His lips pressed to the small spot of skin to the right of my nape.

I freeze, heart pounding as if I've been caught mid pillage or plunder or rape. All I've really done is eat a piece of chocolate fudge. One that was roughly the size of a dime. That was all. One little nibble and I'm fucked.

"We are," I sigh and take a big swig of my drink. No dainty sip this time. I have a feeling I will need the liquid courage soon.

"Is that you impression of abstaining?" He's still pressed to the back of me but his hand comes into view. Large, powerful, freckled at the knuckles. He turns my hand over, palm up and traces the lines on my skin. Then he points, matter of factly at a smudge of fudge on the tip of one finger. "That's a pretty sad rendition of refrain."

My stomach is turning, turning, turning nervously. An invisible Ferris wheel of emotion, lit with small colored lights of anticipation. It turns inside of me and I try to hear the party din over my heart beating in my ears. "It was just a tiny piece," I say.

Someone bangs into Jack, thusly banging him into me. I feel his cock, hard and eager, press the back of my short denim skirt. My panties grow wet in the space of two breaths once I feel that. Now I am certain. I am definitely in trouble and I am in that kind of trouble.

His one visible arm wraps my waist in a possessive snaking grasp and he laughs softly in my ear. My nipples respond, my pulse jacks up, I try to swallow and my throat feels stuffed with cotton or tissues. I am a mess but when someone waves to me calling, Sheila, I grin and nod as if I am totally in control. The taste of fudge is still on the tip of my tongue. Just a tiny sugar resonation, but it seems to be all I can taste.


  1. You do remind me of a a few bad girls I know. Love that excerpt!

  2. heh. thanks! i take that as a compliment.


  3. I love the bad girl element. Great excerpt!


  4. hey, thanks Tara :) and thanks for popping in!



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