Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Mazels (pilfered)

I love Andy Cohen and his hook-ups with the Bravo reality stars. More than that, I love Andy's Mazels of the week (and jackholes too). So, I'm pilfering Mr. Cohen's fun mazel. I'm going to try and do them often. I like to spread sunshine and joy wherever I go (hold on, I just choked on my coffee laughing).

This week's Mazels go to:

Alison Tyler for a super duper author spotlight by Violet Blue for Digita Publishing. Woo and also hoo!

Cora Zane for her upcoming Cyber vamps. Her EC release will be on November 4th but I am already enjoying her chesty cover. Are my fangs showing?

And Cassie Exline for making me pee my pants when this popped up in front of me on her blog...

God. I need a drink now.

Anyway, if you see a mazel in the making let me know. Because I love to say it. Mazel, mazel, mazel. In the meantime, go check Andy's Bravo blog. He is too cute.



  1. If I saw that thing in the middle of the night, I'd pee my pants. lol

  2. clowns are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay up there on the list of phobias for me. i wasn't too fond of them before IT but after I read it (at about 15) it was even worse. lol


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