Thursday, September 16, 2010

Meet a few of my muses...Mmm-uses...

I just wrapped up my collection! Yay! Yay! More juicy details about it later but I thought you might wanna meet a few of the boys I've been hanging with since July. Fierce.



  1. Really? LOL. Ok, I get Giovanni...but Jack? For me, Tom's on middle ground. Could go either way depending on my mood.

    Interesting choices m'dear. Verrrrry interesting.... but hey - whatever floats yer boat. If we were all interested in the same men, life would be very boring (and violent) :P

    And congrats on the wrap up! You worked hard on that.

  2. welp if you don't like them, there are three other men in the book. I have a pic of Jack White that literally stopped me in my tracks. I just can't find it online. It is stunning. And Tom is yummy. Better than a lot of the food on Top Chef. But you don't have to like him, just leaves more for me...



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