Saturday, September 4, 2010

something as simple as tea and toast

has been lost to me for a year now. It's something I always did when I was sick that gave me comfort. Toast and tea. Or toast and soda. Toast and toast. But toast has been something mythical, dense, hard or icky for a year now. Ever since I found out I had Celiac and had to live gluten free. Something I gladly did because I did feel a lot better in general. But I missed buttered toast, bagels etc.

I've found Udi's through the grapevine. If I could smoosh my lips through the computer and kiss the people at Udi's I would. Because today I tried an Udi's bagel. I nearly wept. I did dance. It was soft (soft!), airy, chewy, light, crispy. All adjectives I've been missing for about a year. (Most GF bread is dense and crumbly and MUST be toasted). I am so fucking excited I can't stand it. My health food store gets the bread shipment this week. I'll be there with bells on. MULTIPLE loaves for me because the bagels have shown me the skill of this bakery. And when winter hits and colds start to assault, I can so totally have crispy, comforting buttered...TOAST! Or a bagel. Woop!


Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go make a lovely nommy pizza bagel.


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