Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Use as many characters as you like... or Done Done Done

Okay, I've given myself time to ponder this today. I took a run this morning--and hey, as an aside, I lengthened my stride to see how I'd do--I fully expect that tomorrow my chorus of "ow ow ow"'s will be kept company by some "ooh, ooh, ooh!"'s every time I stand, walk, move or sit. Beyond running I puttered around the house. I made onion jam. I sat quietly with the problem as my grandmother would have said. My mom stopped by and I gave her a brief rundown. I gave myself time to think and not be rash (like running about the internet and deleting stuff) And I've made a decision. No big deal.

From here on out Twitter and Facebook will pretty much be just for updates. A tool, if you will. It's gotten to a point where all the social networking stuff has become a drain and a distraction to me. And that's just me, so Twitter-lovers and Facebook-soldiers carry on. I just find that it's become a sort of...sore spot of my own doing. So I'm undoing it. I said to the man one day (of Twitter), It's a tool. Would I get worked up over a hammer? No. So why am I getting worked up over this...

But this is where physician heal thyself comes in. I still carried on after that conversation. I went on with my chit chatty blurb writing. I caved to that false sense of kinship. Of contact, friendship, approval etc. Which is all good. However, for me, personally, I'm the kind of person that gets hit way too hard by people randomly being mean, needy, sad, weepy, depressed, kinetic, snarky, dark, crass etc. I get my feelings hurt or I get upset, irritated, annoyed, angry, sad, giddy, flabbergasted. Fill in the the adjective of your choice.

So it's time for me to stop letting little snippets of text influence my day. If I want input, I'll find real people in my life or email the friends I've made and maintained on line. If you want to follow me, interact with me, 'get to know me' this is the place to do it. If you want to really have some kind of connection with me, from now on, THIS is the place to do it.

Twitter is now a tool. It's my hammer. Facebook is now a tool. It's my screwdriver. When I have things to announce: Releases, anthos, contests, calls for sub, I'll put them on those places and here. But for the personal stuff, stories, excerpts all that happy crap--here is where it'll be.

Why am I even saying it? To keep myself on track. Twitter especially is the opening the fridge/cigarette break of my writing day. But as with eating due to boredom or once upon a time smoking because I had nothing else to do, it's not always good or harmless even. I get little bits of information from people I don't know and it can tweak my mood or even my writing. Bottom line is the social universe seems to be more harmful than good for a miswired type like me.

Hint one: sobbing incoherently because of a tweet I read about someone's (I didn't know) relationship (o_O)
Hint two: getting pissed and wanting to quit writing because people think nothing of crapping all over each other's writing in 140 characters or less
Hint three: today when a virus invaded Twitter and I realized I was more freaked out about that than my daughter getting a cold (also a virus) last week.

So if you want work/writing info on me, follow me on my hammer or my screwdriver. If you want updates about me and my life and my stuff and some kind of back and forth, welcome to my web home aka my blog. Pull up a chair and tell me about yourself. Use as many characters as you like...

super clever hammer print here!


  1. I had a freak out about Facebook awhile back and killed it. Except, of course, it's not dead. It's *never* dead. Insert scary movie music here. I don't really understand Twitter. I seem to be on it and off it as often as I'm on and off, um, other things. But I do know this: heh.

    I heart your hammer, SG. And just about all your other parts, too!


  2. I'm here for good darling. Just try and get rid of me.

    *dusts off pom poms in case someone needs a cheerleader - but don't ask me to wear the uniform*

    I too am living and dying on twitter time. At some point I'll step back...maybe. :P

  3. Blogging is better anyway. I know all these people on Facebook, and they astound me with the mundanity of their thoughts and overuse of exclamations marks. And I'm no better. I post about the weather and housework :(

    Kristina Lloyd, however is exempt from the above, she's v entertaining so far.

  4. hello, friends. I know it works for some people and they can totally juggle it and manage it and be cool and all that. I am not one of them there people ;) I'm happy here on my sunny blog with the folks who've been around forever and anyone new who wants to pull up a chair and grab a glass of wine and shoot the shit. The door is always open. But the hammer and the screwdriver have been stowed in the um...well, on the friggin' internet where they live. ;)


  5. I truly hear ya, milady. It's been a big part of what's been getting me both distracted and down lately. I hope I have the strength to match yours.

    And I'm quite prepared to don a cheerleader uniform...

  6. That's a good way to put it: would I get this worked up over a hammer? I need to print that and tape it to my desk.

  7. I honestly think twitter has a lifespan for all of us. some shorter than others. I have the feeling I'll be moving away from it a bit myself.

    I dunno...there's some sexy hammers out there...
    oh...wait...it's the hand holding it that get's me going ;)


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