Thursday, October 7, 2010

100% True...Sadly

My mother recently started working from home. She, like so many before her, thought it would be easy breezy lemon squeezy. You are home. You can do homeish stuff and workish stuff and there will be birds and flowers and flutes will be playing...

Um. What no one tells you is the work/home/crossover/world's collide (jerry!) phenomenon. Phenomena? Issue!

There is a fine line you must balance and walk and if you are like me you fall off that friggin line often and then you have no idea what you are doing and you forget everything, but somehow (aliens, i think) come the end of the day you have gotten a lot done though you feel as if you have accomplished zero.

So here has been my day thus far. I have what I call dumb dog syndrome. Or you can call it the world's shortest attention span. Or you can just call me Sommer.~

  • Get up, stagger out of bed, cook breakfast for the chitlins and then put the coffee on.
  • Check emails.
  • Remind children of everything they must take/do/remember/etc today
  • Check emails
  • Last child leaves. Have answered all emails. Start errata.
  • Drink more coffee.
  • Walk dog
  • (so far so good!)
  • Get dressed. Lose glasses. Find glasses. Lose glasses. Lose book. Find book. Am I dressed yet?
  • Go to parental units house to check plants and make sure all is well (they are away for a day or two).
  • Did I lock their door? Did I? Did I? check door about 64 more times and then get in car and leave.
  • Where am I going? Oh! Store. Right.
  • Go to store for cream cheese, soda, toothbrushes and sausage
  • Get: all of the above and pineapple, gluten free cake mix, vanilla pudding, pop tarts, apples, ice cream, pizza, munchos. plan to make pineapple cake. do not forget cool whip!
  • Get home. No fucking cool whip. damn.
  • Wash hands because is cold and flu season. Oh! decide to make saline solution and put out swabs and order children every day to swab noses. (something I started doing last year.
  • Made the solution
  • Hmm..need swabs. Go upstairs.
  • Should open the windows. Is cold and flu season after all. Go in boy child's room and open window. what is that smell? Cannot find smell. Leave.
  • Go in girl's room. Open window. Wonder at what level messiness condones condemning a room. Leave fast.
  • Go back downstairs, happy to have opened windows.
  • Oops. No swabs!
  • Back upstairs.
  • Oh! have to pee (pee pee pee...hey, I stole a soda from my parents' house. butt out).
  • Notice the trash can in the bathroom is full. Empty trash can. Empty bedroom trash can. Bring trash down.
  • Damn! Still no swabs.
  • Back up. Get the fucking swabs! Finally!
  • Down. Swab own nose. Wash hands. Realize I just took like twenty minutes to do something that should have taken me 20 seconds.
    Aliens. I'm telling you.
  • And now this blog...
  • Goal for the day: errata. How much is done? 15 pages.

    Working from home. Priceless.



  1. It's seriously been my dream to work from home for the simple reason that I hate getting up in the morning and getting dressed.

    Well, that and I can at least get the laundry started while waiting for a file to download.

    But it sounds like we come from the same place on a few things - earlier in the week I went up to the kitchen five times before I remembered I went up there for ice.

  2. My days are like this without the productivity! And maybe more eating.

  3. Gawd, that sounds just like my every day. It's amazing how quickly a day gets eaten away when you're at home "working."

  4. i sometimes miss the office. leaving home behind. come back, it's exactly as i left it. quiet. peaceful. now it's chaos, messy, can't work if it's too messy but don't get on a cleaning tangent or then you don't get work done and then...*gasp*

    you know what i mean. lol


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