Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Oh my god. What a day. I feel like I can't tell up from down. First of all, I swear to you this errata is never going to end. I feel like no matter how much I work on it, the remainder continues to grow. I think it's become clear to me that I need to give myself a tiny bit of a break soon. Because when I read I see...

Crap Crapcrapcrap Crappety crap. Crap.

"Crap crappety crap?"

"Crap-crap, crapper, crap..."


I need a tiny bit of a break if I don't even enjoy my work. But, ha!, ironically, as I was telling myself I could take a breat, I got another errata to do. But you cannot complain, can you? Work is a good thing, especially right now. So the schedule has shifted to 1. finish current errata, 2. day off, 3. next errata, 4. break! Maybe just focus on the holiday season as a treat for an insane year of writing and publication.

I didn't even realize what day it was until I looked at the calendar. I am not decorated for Halloween (usually an Oct 1 activity) and it took me by surprise to realize that my book Allure is out in two days! Ack! It comes out Thursday and I am super excited. I absolutely adore this quickie. It was so. Much. Fun!

Okay, I feel a bit under the weather today, have to work on the (neverending) errata, and take boy child to a specialist appt for his gnarly ass toenail. Wish me luck!


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