Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Bobcat love...

Allure is getting so many nice reviews (there's a new one from yesterday but I um...lost the link...I'll find it!) I've been reading bits and pieces. I usually forget books as soon as I'm done. So reading them is like reading someone else's work. And I have to say, I like this little quickie by this author, uh, what's her name ;) But don't tell anyone I said that. I have a no buying your own hype policy.


From Allure
by Sommer Marsden (who is me!)

Chase opened his door and slid behind the wheel. He put a big hand on my arm and I saw every miniscule caramel colored freckle on the back of his hand in great detail. The curve of his well shaped fingernails, the whiteness of his cuticles. I could smell his cologne and his skin and under it all the steady thump of his blood. And his attraction—to me. The thought would normally warm me with excitement, but the fact that I was already so warm, running a fever in human terms, had a cold river of fear swirling in my belly.

“I’m really glad I had the nerve to ask you to go out,” Chase said. He touched me again, this time on the thigh. I could tell by mildly stunned look on his handsome face that all the touching was maybe out of the norm for him. Or he was just pole-axed with pheromones. This was the siren song of my maniacal hormones. I turned my face slightly away from him, acting as if he’d turn to stone instead of just outrageously horny if he looked right at me.

“Me too,” I said. I heard the seductive purr of my own voice and cleared my throat. “Where are we going?” I tried to modulate my tone and the end result was a militaristic bark that made him jerk back for an instant. “Sorry, sorry,” I said. “Scratchy throat.”

“How’s Gregg’s?”

“My favorite,” I said. I gave in for one brief moment and touched his hand. The fingers were long and tapered and he’d settled his palm back on my thigh as he drove. I traced the backs of his knuckles and then the tips of his fingers. He moaned softly and my brain said stop but my hormones said go. I laid my own hand flat over his and moved his hand inch by inch up my thigh. It was like watching a horror movie where an appendage moved against its’ owner’s will. I was panting and he was panting and finally, just shy of the very tippy top of my thigh I managed to put on the brakes. “Sorry,” I said. My voice was more wheeze than word.

“Me too,” he said. “I don’t normally… I mean, I know we’ve known each other for a while now. From the shop…but still, I don’t normally. You know. I’m not—”

I heard the concern in his voice and forgot myself. I turned and smiled at him as we drifted to a stop at a red light. “It’s okay. I understand. It’s my fault. I moved your hand. So I—” I didn’t get to finish because he was staring at my mouth like a drowning man staring at a lifeboat. He pushed his hands in my hair, tugged me forward and kissed me. His lips were firm but soft and his mouth tasted like strong mints. I tried to pull back but his tongue curled around mine and I hummed low in my throat, feeling that buzzing tingle that precedes a change. A spontaneous one. One that I do not control, to be exact.

Panic swelled in my chest. What would he do if he pulled back to find himself face to face with a bobcat? A big-toothed, emerald-eyed, horny, ovulating cat! I bit my tongue, only it wasn’t my tongue. Chase let out a yelp and pulled back, touching his mouth.

“Oh my god! I am so sorry!” I heard the apprehensive hiss of big cat in my voice. Chase did a double take.

“I was too forward,” he said, turning dazedly back to the wheel as some ass behind us laid on his horn because we’d dallied a whole two seconds after the light turned to green.

“Shove it, jackass!” I yelled out my window before catching myself. My pulse was off the charts and even my fingers were tickling with power. If I didn’t shift soon, it would be out of my control. “Can you pull over for a minute?” I asked.

“Are you okay?”

“I am fine. I need um…the facilities. Service station? Convenience store?” I didn’t have to continue, because Chase was already turning off the main road and pulling in at Chuck’s Car Mart. All things automotive and refreshments and restrooms. Yay, Chuck. “This okay?”

“Great,” I said. I had the door half open before he’d stopped the car. Now all I had to do was pray for a restroom with two exits. “They’re just over there, so here I go.”

“Want a soda?” He looked concerned. “How about some pain relievers?”

“I’m fine. Fine. Really. I’ll be right back.” I scurried off, half out of my sweater before I hit the corner of the building. I glanced around, I didn’t hear or smell or sense anyone. I shucked my clothes behind the brick fa├žade and started running for all I was worth.


  1. Oh. My. I think I see why all the good reviews! Nummy!

  2. Thank you, Madeline. :D I got even more! Go figure. LOL.



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