Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Don't forget...

Tie a pink ribbon around your finger. Enter my tote bag giveaway in honor of breast cancer awareness month. Every day I pass the tote and every day I drop something in it. Who knows what'll be in that thing by the time I mail it. Original blog (and pic) here. Just follow me ----> (follow button is to the right) and say howdy on this blog or the original.

I have a snazzy pink ribbon pic but blogger is doing maintenance so you'll just have to just close our eyes and imagine it. And...go!



  1. Ha ha ha, it's just too fabulous not to throw in behind anything that makes use of the expression boobie love :)

    For the boobies!

  2. ps- the imaginary pink ribbon picture that you posted is just lovely. the black space behind my eyes has told me so!



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