Monday, October 18, 2010

eyes and teeth, teeth and eyes...

I woke today with what felt like something in my eye. Like when you get an eyelash or whatnot up in there. I got up at 6.15. At 8.15 it was not better. In the doc's for the man's appointment it was not better. 11.15 it was not better. It was, in fact, driving me ape shit. I was so very good about not rubbing it but I really really wanted to rub it until it stopped hurting. Or popped out (o_O) Whichever came first.

I made an appointment. I had to have it checked. I have two main phobias. Teeth and eyes. Eyes and teeth! So I had to get it checked to make sure it was not infected, scratched or you know, going to shrivel up and fall out.

I also, just because it's fucking funny to admit, am terrified to knock out my two front teeth. I have had this phobia forever. Forever! To the point where if I stumble, especially on the sidewalk or concrete, I will shield my front teeth with my tongue (this is show you lunacy day, folks). Apparently, I'd rather bite my tongue in half than knock out my teeth.
Anyhoo, they tortured me. They lifted stuff (like my lids!) and put on Mr. Magoo space glasses and peered in my eyeball. They put drops in my eye and then used some freaky humming CSI blue light on me. Anyway, they see no scratches or infection or whatnot.

So now I have to go to an eye doctor tomorrow if it's not feeling better. The good news is I worked on two seperate books to keep myself distracted until my two o'clock appointment. I think i'm at four thousand words and counting.

But it was a day. Jeesh. Eyes and teeth, teeth and eyes. But I still have all four! My two front teeth and my eyes.

p.s. ironically, I am horribly allergic to spiders and have some scars from stitches courtesy of the little bastards and yet...not scared of them at all. That is, in fact, one of my favorite movies...ever!
p.p.s. And how was your day, friend?


  1. can you do that to me? post a pic of THAT movie and start to go on about your uítchy eye??? i was expenting you to tell us that you had a spiderleg..or worse..spidereggs!!! in your eye or something similar...gah gah gah....

  2. heh. i think you have about half a horror story already written there, danielle! sorry! sorry!



  3. Ugh, Danielle. He'll out-yuck you every time.

    BAhhh, moving on -

    I hate the eye thing. Iget it a lot. My eyes get itchy from my dusty house, I rub them, then the jelly of my eye goes sort of swollen and gucky in a spot. Feels like there's something there but there's not. I take Euphrasia homeopathic (or at least I did til a small child ate it all) remedy and put a cold wet pad of tissue against it. It's a bitch though, as you can't really type. And it goes in the end. Bummer, though.

    Christ, spiderlegsand legs in your eye - wtf is wrong with you Danielle!

    I had just a day today. No news. Little chats with ladies I don't talk about sex to. Have to try and remember to be restrained.

  4. somehow i have a huge issue with trying to picture you restrained, Jo! :D

  5. Yeah, it's not easy :)

    But one of them's all religious. Once I even had to suggest that she use the vibrating pot stirrer her mother gave her as a ... head massager.


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