Friday, October 1, 2010

Friday stuff...

Woohoo! Friday. And the rain has stopped and the air is cool and I am ready to...sleep all weekend. True story.

Now on with the stuff.

Stuff #1: Steffanie won my Excessica chat group prize from yesterday. She'll get a print copy of Coupling, some chocolates to nibble while she reads and....whatever else I decide to toss in there. So, Steffanie, shoot me your address and I'll get your prize bag out. And thanks for coming by. :D

Stuff #2: Wonder edited by Selena Kitt is out today and my story "A Life With Purpose" is in it. Man oh man, that was a hard story to place but I finally found it a good home and am super pleased!

Stuff #3: New contest as Erotica For All featuring Coupling. It runs all month.

There is a stuff #4 but I have forgotten what it was. I did not buy coffee yesterday. I have scraped together enough for 1.5 cups. How? How oh how did I forget coffee? It's like forgetting air. (o_O)

oh! #4! Today the chat is still going. So come back and join us. Tonight we find out who won the Kindle. Woop!

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