Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I'm thrilled...

to be working on my mainstream project again. The project formerly known as BSP is now known as what I'm working on. I have high hopes for it, and either way, no matter how it flies, I love it. And I love this print. I think when I'm done, I might have to snag it to put on my wall. Did I ever mention I have a media wall with a trinket for just about every book I've written? I'll have to take a picture some day.

So, I'm stepping back from zee pr0n for a few weeks. Wish me luck! I'll still be here, it's just my work project won't be so dirty. Or not as it stands right now. I mean, we are talking about me, after all. Anything could happen. LOL


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  1. yay for you! and good luck :)



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