Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Spanking Good

and happy birthday to Willsin Rowe! Today 10-10-10 is his birthday which I think means he has some kind of magical powers or something. I think he can fly, or maybe melt things with his mind. Here's hoping his day was as great as he is!

sexy and coveted pearwood paddle found here


  1. I like to think I can melt minds with my fly...

    Thank you, ma''s good to finally be legal *cough*.

  2. lol. that's a handy talent with your fly. hope it was super for you. i know i'm a day late! your time. my time i was totally right. heh ;)

  3. I think I messed up trying to post my last comment, but if not, apologies for duplicates. I just didn't want to miss adding a "hear hear" to the birthday wishes! Happy birthday Willsin! (even if it's already tomorrow over there, it's still today here!) Paddles and melted minds sounds like a pretty good birthday celebration to me!

  4. Just the one, Madeline. Hear hear indeed. And a huzzah too! :)

  5. Aw, youse guys...I know where to head when I'm gettin' a bit too big for Uh-oh, I said 'boots'...ON SOMMER'S BLOGSITE! Watch out! She's gonna blow! BOOTGASM!


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