Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I took a little...

trip back to Dirtyville and Kinkyville today! I found this traipsing around my old blog and love, love, love it. I wanted some of my new visitors to see it in case they hadn't. So, I'm posting it on my recently moved to brand new shiny!

The only diff is, if you are new to me and my stuff, at the end it would now read as SGP is now gone poof. :D

Beyond that I managed to drag self to American Education Week day for girl child's school, boy is home because our neighborhood had a mini tornado last night (oh no, Toto!) and the high school has no power so they sent students home. Yes, he is devastated. Hahaha! ha! It's funny because it's not true. Let's see, also, I sat down to watch a show for research for the paranormal I am neck deep in writing right now and fell asleep and then made GF chocolate cherry mini loaves to test out in case I want to give them for Xmas (when I woke up, obviously. I did not bake whilst asleep. Though that would be super cool and a huge time saver).

As a bizarre aside; You really see that you are an odd recluse type person--if you work for yourself--when you attend school events. Other parents are coming in all gussied up from work or heading out to work or whatnot. They have their phones clipped to their belts or purse straps. They're wearing suits and ties and heels and all that jazz. Me? I'm all "What day is it, anyway?"


Later... Author's Note: Man, this is the blog of run on sentences--I don't know why--it's like my sentences will not die, I say unto thee, and now I am just doing it to fuck with you...or maybe because I had too much of that mini chocolate cherry loaf thingamabob...


  1. Sorry, I had to take a call...can you say all that again?

  2. But I will say this: I love this fabulous trailer you made for us. I love it so much. See ~~~~~> :D


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