Thursday, November 18, 2010

My Big Day Out or What Happens When You Put A Writer-Recluse Person Out In The “Real” World For A Day:

And the day isn't even half over and here I am reporting!

I decided for some odd reason yesterday that I should change venue and write somewhere that is not here (home) today. So that is what I set out to do.

I would go to a new (undisclosed for my safety heh) location and write.

Hmm. Funny. I did not realize how much I have alienated myself these last five years—that’s how long I’ve been a full-time writer—until I set out to um…leave the house.

Don’t get me wrong. I got to my local library and the other local library and my mother’s and the folks at the grocery store practically high five me when I walk in for god’s sake, but here I was going somewhere I’ve been before (duh) but doing it with the intention to write.

First obstacle: my laptop does not fit in my laptop bag (I should say that the actual first obstacle was getting dressed. I was pole axed on what to wear to leave the house to sit in another location and type for a few hours). I tried and tried but my new laptop is too wide for my old laptop bag. No matter how much I mutter or try and convince it to fit. So I wrapped laptop in a scarf and put it in another tote bag (last year’s b/d gift from the lovely AT)

Second obstacle: Have I gotten lost? It seemed to take forever to get here. I mean seriously. I had one blinding moment of panic where I was sure I had totally flaked on how to get where I was going. (I have done that FYI. Forgotten how to get somewhere that is about seven minutes from my home and I’ve been a bazillion times. You call it funny, I call it Alzheimer’s)

Third obstacle: How did I get so many bags? Getting out of the car when I finally got here (after my round of ADD for the morning. Oh, a park! I should walk there! Oh, a corn field! Why have I never noticed that before? I should walk there…prolly not since it would be creepy and the farmer person who owns it will probably be mad) I had my laptop (tote)bag, my actual (book) tote bag, and my giant purse that could be a tote bag. Finally, I managed.

Then…I got inside and there was a slot that said: Do not put hand in this slot. Man…I so wanted to put my hand in that slot. But I did not! And I got inside and I realized a class was going on (okay, yes, I am in an alternate library in case you have not figured that out yet) and I had to sneak back to the quiet section. It is marked QUIET SECTION.

There were two women in the quiet section (a super fancy QS if I do say so myself). They were putting away quiet things. There are quiet tables and quiet windows and it really is gorgeous (despite the woman over there who is sniffling too much and is sooooo not being quiet). So I say to one woman, “Is it okay if I work on my laptop in here?”

Which is the world’s dumbest question, I know because she looked at me like I was on drugs and said “OF course”

So here I am! Working out of the house! Feeling a bit anxious about it. In the quiet room with the sniffly lady and who just walked in…oh! A man with glasses and a trucker’s cap. Hello trucker cap man.

What have I written? This blog.

Stay tuned to find out if I actually…did anything. More later

p.s. hey look my wifi works! have had this new laptop for about two months and am just now testing it out. i feel like a space alien being able to connect to the interent with my fancy laptop at a remote location. beam me up, Scottie? Scotty? Beam me up, Spock!


  1. *laughing*
    Oh. my. god.
    I think I nearly peed my pants!

    You should come with a disclaimer...not for smut but for side splitting stories of real life as a writer!

    I love you, Sommer. I just do. *mwah*

  2. I fear the sniffling masses, and so am afraid to go work in the library.

    I'd still get more done though, even with people coffing down my neck, if I was away from the internet... hope you were productive!

  3. "There were two women in the quiet section (a super fancy QS if I do say so myself). They were putting away quiet things."

    LOL! Oops--I mean LQ.

    Spamword: dogin

    Who let the dog in??

  4. Aisling, I was sorta rolling my eyes at myself while I was writing it. I make simple stuff so difficult. *~*

    Jo, tons of hand sanitizer. That is key!

    J, I did! As soon as I got home! :D



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