Thursday, November 18, 2010

pros and cons of leaving the house like a 'normal' person

my lists i kept via my desktop sticky notes whilst writing 1500 words during a 1.5 hour span riddled with anxiety, ADD, trucker hats, cold spots and sniffling women (see blog below!).

I will do it again, no worries, but it seemed like a huge amount of rigamarole for 1500 words that I could have done here and done laundry and been WARM and had The People's Court on in the background.

However, occasionally I do miss working in an office with actual people around me. So beyond the rogue (and extremely stupid birds!) and the frigid temperatures and the was good and I will go back!

Because I am a masochist dontchaknow?

p.s. 'allowed' is totally supposed to be 'aloud' but my brain was frozen by then
p.p.s. can't read it? click it. it gets bigger! (yeah, yeah, buddy, i've been fooled by that one before...heh ;)~ )


  1. Yeah, it's the other people and temperature issues that get to me.

    I like to work in bed.

  2. Last time I went to the Quiet Room was cool for about 30 minutes. Then there was a dude in probably his mid-60's who was sitting near me and working on a laptop. Suddenly he started jiggling his legs in and out, like he was clapping with his knees. In the otherwise quiet room it was the most annoying thing that's ever been in existence. The bastard.

  3. ah hahaha! wait...i think i mighta met that guy...(o_O)

    Jo, if i work in bed i tend to nap stuff.



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