Friday, November 12, 2010

things that bug me...

Dentists recommend we drink everything (including coffee and wine) through straws to avoid staining our teeth. It will help keep them white, they say!

Dermatologists say never drink through straws as then you get those old lady wrinkles around your lips and you look like you've taken your dentures out (though you don't have dentures and could not possibly take out all your natural teeth).

So...I can have wrinkly old lady mouth or jacked up teeth...choose now! (O_O)



  1. hmmm..i think..if i had to choose one of the two things i woukd forget the staws...first because i dont like to drink through straws..and secons becaus eits much easier to get stains off of your teeths then to get the wrinkles away from the area around your mouth...

    another thing that pops up in my mind..which is rather a lady problems is..if sucking on a straw gives you old lady wrinkels...does ..ahem*..sucking on everything else..also gives you these wrinkles???

  2. i think it's the fact that the straw is so narrow that give you teh puckered pinchy old lady effect.

    I'm sure 'everything else' is bigger than a drinking straw in most instances. gosh. i hope so.


  3. I heard playing the flute and smoking were the worst things for mouth wrinkles. As for straw technique, if you put the straw a little further back in your mouth, you're using your tongue and jaw muscles, like a breast feeding baby, and not your lips, so you're safe. And ironically, I suspect that to be the case for 'other bigger' things to suck as well...

  4. I'm gonna invent the cock-straw. I'll be rich...RICH I TELLS YA! Or at least, widely despised...


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