Wednesday, December 8, 2010

And it's...

Mainstream with a close second being the non-vamp/were paranormal. And sneaky funny Aisling Weaver said she voted for mainstream because she knew to take a break from it I'd write smut. My god. When did I become so transparent! But she's right.

So off I go, later today. Me and my half done crime novel that I have to yank out in shards and chunks. Looks like there will be a lot of shards and chunks this holiday season. Um...eew? (o_O) You know what I mean.

Speaking of this holiday season...I am nearly done all my shopping/prep (knock wood, throw salt). I am also happy to report that I have yet to hear the Christmas shoe song and it will be a hap-hap-happy fucking holiday if I NEVER EVER DO THIS YEAR! (Santa, that is what I'd like from you. No shoe song)



  1. Well, I voted for the second, but mainstream crime's good too. But what I want to know is, what joker voted for option four? If there's one word I would NEVER use to describe you, it's lazy!

  2. Justine,

    The mainstream one is me as me. So, I'll be taking breaks from that (just as sneaky aisling said) when it's too heavy to work on the paranormal. So no worries.

    LOL! I was wondering who that was too. But my guess it was just someone who didn't like those three options and was hoping for another. And you know...I really am a slacker at heart (ha!)


  3. Missed the voting, but you made a wise choice. There's a Christmas shoe song? hmmmm

    Can't wait to read your crime novel.

  4. Ohhh that song, I agree, too sad. Give me the song: "I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas" :)


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