Friday, December 17, 2010


It’s another theme song day. It snowed yesterday afternoon and the roads were covered but passable. It was really no big deal. Until this morning. Which is when we all overslept. I mean overslept as in we woke up at the time boy child should be leaving the house most days. Then came a mad rush like a flock of birds all trying to take off in flight at once. I flipped on the news—here comes the part where I misread the ticker and thought we were two hours late. We all breathed a deep sigh of relief…*whew* Then the man called to pop my bubble and tell me…no! We were not two hours late. Get a move on! Bwah!

Then there were pop tarts and seltzer water (I’m out of juice) and cussing. Some yelling and stomping. Wet shoes and car clearing. Raised voices and weeping. And that was just me. [or it felt like it]. I blindly tossed on clothes and took boy in, my coffee is something I tossed together in a travel mug and I’m not sure if it’s even actually, technically safe to drink. But girl child has just left to go to bus stop and dog is curling up against my leg and…ah. Peace.
Oh wait. It’s Friday right? I have to go shop for food for the brunch at my house tomorrow. (o_O) Balls!

So I bring to you some Gene Loves Jezebel to kick off your morning. I love this album. Can you say ooh-la-la eighties? It was the first 'album' I bought on CD. Ever. Hold on...let me get my cane.


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  1. Love this! So I guess I need my cane, too.

    And I heart your new background, too. Scarlet suits you!



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