Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Gift To You...

from me! Now until December 31st, if you punch coupon code FH28E (not case sensitive)in the coupon code section at Smashwords, you will get KINKY FOR CHRISTMAS for free. Go on, get kinky for Christmas, you know you want to...

The picture here is my 2010 portrait. Every year I try and remember to take a picture of the print anthologies I'm in or my own print books from that year. It helps me remember that all the weird hours really are for a reason. And it also helps remind me that I do actually work. Sometimes I feel like I don't...

I'll be scarce the next few days as our annual Xmas Eve dinner is swiftly approaching and there is pit beef to be made and quiche and all kinds of other stuff. Ho ho ho!



  1. Happy Christmas, Sommer! Thank you for the gift!

  2. I got mine! Free read, that is. And I loved it! Hot and sweet. Merry Christmas to me. Thank you, Sommer.


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