Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year's Eve!

may 2011 be full of many many possibilities. Ones you're plotting and ones you didn't see coming. This is one of my favorite views and I like to think that before I kick it (a long long looooooooooooong time from now) I will have had as many adventures and opportunities as there are branches on that tree. Big ones and little ones and the ones in between.

That being said, our adventurous NYE is Easy A, The A-Team and the new Resident Evil movie. I have my fingers crossed because last year we had three of the best movies I saw all year all on New Year's Eve. Julie and Julia, Paranormal Activity (which no one found scary until bed time and then we were creeped the fuck out) and The Hangover. So, I doubt we could recreate such a stellar line up, but we'll see.

Now food. I believe my family has chosen: nachos, mussels, hot wings, cream cheese and lox bites, bacon and onion dip and pickled herring (*shudder*). I will be in the corner eating soft gluten free stuff and taking my pain pills. Heh.

Hope yours is grand and as super exciting and festive as ours! I wish for you lots of little branches of adventure and opportunity in the coming year. Tada!



  1. Paranormal Activity spooked me and sure kept me awake. lol I kept warning that guy to let the ouija board alone and he wouldn't listen. That'll teach him. Did you know there is another one?

  2. yeah. i don't think it's out yet on DVD, though. i didn't sleep sound for a few days after that one. I was fine...until i went to bed!

    Happy New Year, Cass :)


  3. I have to say — I LOVE your bowl of cherries! Love, love, love enough to steal and put them on a t-shirt with the word cherry underneath. Because I'm like that!

    Yay for 2011! I hope it brings every joy and happiness!!



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