Saturday, December 11, 2010

how to confuse your household in under five minutes...

1. Stick your head in boy child's room and say "You're father is out. The moment he gets home I want to go so you can shop. Be ready. Five minutes! Do you hear me!" [he says yes]
2. Go to get dressed.
3. Hear the front door.
4. Continue to get dressed.
5. Hear a knock on bedroom door.
6. Hear "It's just me." Man enters.
7. Keep getting dressed.
8. Have him say, "Hey there, girlie. Where ya going so fast?"
9. Explain last minute begging for chauffeured ride to Xmas shop.
10. Get kissed. Get touched. Get asked "And here I was thinking we could..."
11. Stick your head in boy child's room and say "Um, I forgot I had to do something. But I want to leave in a half an hour! Do you hear me!" [hey says. um...yes?]
12. Get looked at funny by child as you tug door shut (fast!).
13. Get lucky.

Oh, I love to start Saturdays with a bang. Happy weekend.



  1. Haaa, funny! Happy Weekend to you, too!

  2. He knocks? So chivalrous!

    But does he always knowck twice? ;)

  3. Aisling...I do try ;)~

    Liras...Howdy and welcome :)

    Jo...he knocks as he enters because I'm pretty well known for screaming and falling down if startled...



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