Sunday, December 5, 2010

If the farmers at the market knew what I was thinking...

they might not have sold me their lovely vegs. Then again, they might have given me a discount! The story inspired by some wandering walks through the local farmers' market appears in the lovely Ms. Tyler's book Eat Me out now, now, now! And we all love to eat during the holidays, now don't we?

Include stories by:

Sommer Marsden
Jax Baynard
N.T. Morley
Merry Stanshall

I would say more but my brain is chicken fried and dip dyed. I am frazzled. Girl child tricked me into "running out for a gift" which actually equals Christmas shopping. A quick trip turned into a two hour jaunt. Call me crazy but I much preferred my version of Christmas shopping last night. Leggings, sweats, socks, wine and a sofa. Now that is a merry fucking Christmas. You can keep the insane, mobbed, stores. Eesh!

But I did get fabric. Yay!


p.s. If I'm missing links email and I'll add!

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