Tuesday, December 28, 2010

just let my get my handy dandy vacuum...

I dreamt last night that I went to camp. I have no idea how old I was supposed to be but I felt and looked pretty much like me, I think. So that was odd. And my mother and I showed up hours late and in the dark.

People (that I went to high school with!) were pointing us in the right direction, and we basically knew where we were, but it was one of those instances where you just sort of feel like you're skating by on the skin of your teeth.

Then I asked (as we continue to stumble around in the dark on these paths) if there is still time to take me home because I have forgotten my phone, which I was allowed to have...and a sleeping bag...a tent. I have forgotten damn near everything that would classify this as 'camping'. And she says sure, but then I turn to find her vacuuming up leaves with a little vacuum...

WTF. I'm saying "Ma! Leave them! They are leaves! In nature...in their natural environment. This is where one would expect to find leaves..."

And then I woke up, panicky because I did not have my phone. Or sleeping bag. Or...um...shoes.

No. I haven't a clue what that means. But there you have it.

p.s. boy child and girl child have both gone to fifth grade sleep away camp. They did not forget a single thing. Especially not...shoes!!! Just sayin'

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  1. Well, that vaccuuming thing is super symbolic. Not sure what of, but I suppose it'll be clear to you on reflection!

    I have those sort of anxiety dreams - responsiblity and fucking up and being in young situations, mothers etc. I tend to forget my kids' birthdays, or to collect them, I have lots of party planning failures and losing/forgetting things too - quite like real life, I guess, for me :)


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