Thursday, December 16, 2010

a nibble of my holiday erotic romance Pretty In Pink

less calories than sugar plums...but he looks pretty tasty to me :) The whole book can be found here at Excessica and also at ARe and Bookstrand and etc etc etc and also. heh.

From Pretty In Pink
by Sommer Marsden
copyright 2010

The sound filled her home again. A deep groan shook her teeth in her head and made her stomach turn.

“It’s okay,” Charlie laughed touching her hip.

When his fingers touched her there, she sighed. It was involuntary, like sneezing or blinking.

“I'm embarrassed,” she admitted.

“Don’t’ be.” Charlie moved past her, his bulk crushing to hers for just a moment and the fact that she wasn’t breathing from nerves made white flowers and spots bloom in her vision. Kimber sucked in a deep breath and he laughed softly. That laugh was like his lips on her skin. So intimate and knowing that she shivered. Another moan and Charlie lifted the window. “It’s just a noise, Kimber. It sounds way worse than it is.”

“Right! Right. It sounds way worse that it is.”

“Just like you thinking I was actually sorry I’d kissed you. That sounded way worse than it was.”

He leaned out the window and she held her breath, afraid he would fall but mesmerized by the grace with which he moved. The flex of his arms inside that heather gray hoodie. The hard lines of his thighs in his soft-looking pajama pants.

If she touched her hand to the fabric, would it be as soft as it looked? Until she got to the fly? Then would it be hard? A girl could only hope.

“You said you were sorry.”

Bang, bang, bang. She jumped a little with every impact.

“But I meant it was wrong of me. Not that I actually regretted the kiss itself.” He hauled himself back in and stood tall. God, he was big.

“Oh, I thought you meant…”

“Your lips taste like red hots, did you know that?” He winked and shut the window. A warm rush of fluid moistened the crotch of her panties. She was so very, very hot for this guy. Which was so very, very wrong on many levels.

“I use this cinnamon lipglo—”

She didn’t get to finish because he moved in close to kiss her. His head dipped and his mouth pressed to hers. His lips, soft and warm, tasted like mint toothpaste. He hauled her closer and held her waist in his big hands. The cold of them seeped through her pink penguins, causing her to shiver. He pulled her even farther into his embrace. Charlie’s mouth toured down her throat and his thumbs stroked her nipples so they pressed the thin fabric of her pajamas. The thrill of his touch pulsed through her belly, her pussy, and even her fingers. She was loose and limber. She was made of jelly. And her ears were ringing. She pushed her hands into his hair and tugged until his hips shot forward; his hard-on undeniable.

“Your skin tastes like Spring. Which is good considering how fast the snow is falling.” He didn’t let her answer. His hands scooped under her bottom and he lifted her easily, walking to the bed. He planted her on the edge and tugged at her penguin pants. “Out of these, please? I won’t regret it.” His voice, dark and intense, made her move on the bed like a wave of long hair and long limbs. “Will you?”

Would she?

Charlie studied her, lifting her now bare leg up and kissing the inside of her knee. The tingling parade of sensation marched straight to her cunt and she wanted him more than the next lungful of air. “No. I won’t regret it. Be gentle. It’s been a while.”

She laughed and so did he. “For me, too,” Charlie said.


  1. Sweet. ANOTHER brilliant one. No fair. How am I supposed to write anything where there's so much of you to read? HUH?

  2. I could I lied. I can't. I really can't. i tried once. Just look away. Do. Not. Look. [But thanx ;)]


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