Thursday, December 2, 2010

A nifty Christmas gift...

My next Ellora's Cave book I'm On Fire is slotted for Christmas Eve. Woohoo and ho ho ho! I'm super excited because this is my very first contemporary novella for EC. All my other work has been paranormal. Go figure. The girl writer who once said they scared her now writes them regularly. Freaky deaky. But not this one, this one is a contemporary and I'm stoked.

Anyway, all my others have been chock full of ghost and phantoms and angels and werewolves (Oh my!) but this one has a hunky hot fireman and a woman who decides to set her own kitchen on fire. Okay, so it was an accident. But hey, hunky hot fireman are just as intoxicating as supernatural creatures. In fact, I think they have their own range of special um...abilities.




  1. Congrats! This book sounds super hot and a must have. Can't go wrong with a hottie fireman.

  2. thank you, miss cass! I'm very excited about my big caliente fireman (hope i spelled that right. caliente. not fireman ;)~)


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