Monday, December 27, 2010

okay, so it turned me on...

Today's been a weird day. Wind and a scattering of dry snow on the ground. Girl child and I running errands in the insane wind that had her big heavy shopping bag from the bookstore literally banging my leg so hard it hurt.

Then I came home and wrote four pages of my mainstream and then three pages of my bed. Then I bed. Then I watched Psych and ate mini chocolate bars--wait for it--in bed! That is so unusual for me, but damn was it decadent. My room is sunny and open and big and to lay there in the sunbeams and just be after so much Christmas craziness was super nice.

What's the burger about? The burger is about this really really handsome man who was driving in a car behind me earlier. He had dark hair and dark glasses on and dark coat and he was kind of exotic looking and burly and he was eating a burger like...okay, so it turned me on. He ate it with a huge amount of predatory glee without being gross or nasty or messy or anything. It was the most amazing thing I'd ever seen in the burger eating department. I didn't have a mental image for my lycan in the my current book. Now I do...


Happy windy Monday.



  1. Bed is the best place, the safe place. I hurt my foot last night, so I had a somewhat legit excuse to stay there for the first half of today. My laptop is broken though, and I miss it, I miss it!

    wv: teseste

  2. Hope that foot is better now, Jo! (typed food. food and foot. hope they are both good, :) )



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