Saturday, December 18, 2010

save the neck for me, Clark...

It's birthday brunch day here at casa de crazy. Since nine I've been puttering and prepping and trying to keep the breadish things away from the gluten free safe for me to eat things. I have had coffee and tried to find a table cloth (impossible), then I settled on artfully arranging some vintage dinner napkins I recently found at a rummage sale as a table runner.

For some reason, having folks over that I see all the time--every year--to my house for holiday festivities (which my birthday and my sister's birthday fall under due to us both being December babies) freaks me out. And tension and stress can run high. So there's joking and pauses to be kissed or hugged after being snappish (usually on my part) between the man and I.

And almost every holiday season, someone says too much and hurts someone's feelings. Orrrrrr someone just acts like a loon (the verbal equivalent of putting cat food in the Jell-O mold) and freaks someone else out. There is often at least one bruised emotion or act of insanity. At some point. Every. Year.

What my mother and I like to call "Another good old fashioned Griswold Christmas". Unless one of us is the offender/offended. Then we joke about it after the fact.

Hope your holiday is turning out to be stress free and fun or at least you can laugh about it later. And save the neck for me, Clark...


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  1. I now fully accept that I have a tall blonde twin on the East Coast.
    Who knew?



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