Wednesday, December 15, 2010

shut up and let me see your jazz hands...

I started today by putting my sweatshirt on backwards in the dark. Then when I realized, I said a [deleted] word and then proceeded to put my slippers on the wrong the dark. Then I came down and the man was home (his headlights died) and then the boy's walking buddy said he was catching a ride seeing as it is...9 degrees! So drove boy in. Then drove man to drop of car. In the midst of all of this my brand new shiny phone was binging at me because me and the kids got new phones with unlimited texting yesterday. What's faster than me on a laptop keyboard? Kids on a teeny weenie little texting keyboard. Insanity. I'm still learning. Me and my [feels like] giant thumbs.

My god. I need to a) wake up and b) get some work done and c) stay warm. You know what that means? That means this day calls for a theme song. This is what's blaring as I psyche myself up to get down to bidness. My recommendation is (((PLAY IT LOUD)))

Morning, kidlets. Happy Hump Day



  1. Morning Sommer. Pass the coffee. You'll get the hang of texting. Unless you've got a touch screen, in which case you have to watch out for auto-correcting. :P THAT is the worst editor EVER.

    Good choice for theme song. If my computer had speakers that functioned, I'd be blaring it all day long.

  2. My theme song...just seems appropo...

    good luck with the texting...I'm still learning...and I've found my phone can't handle the conversations I get into on it! *grins wickedlY*

  3. Have you been to ? SOOO much fun!

  4. Angell, it has both. it's a touch screen with a slide out keyboard. I cannot use the touch texting. It keeps filling in words and i want to throw it across the room. lol

    Good choice, AW. I'll listen to it to in your honor. ;)

    Jo, not yet, but the next time I'm due for a writing break, i will! :)



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