Friday, December 3, 2010

This is Charlie....

and I gotta say, I would so not mind finding him in my stocking ;) My new Christmas novella Pretty In Pink is out today from Excessica. Woohooo! And Yippee!

Here is the blurb:

Kimber Daniels knows what they say about assuming and how a person should never do it. But she can't help but assume her new neighbor Charlie Brewster is gay. What with is matching curtains, brand new filigree bird bath and that pink flamingo on his front lawn dressed in its cute little holiday Santa outfit. It's wrong to assume, but she does anyway, especially when he answers the door in a bright pink tulip covered robe.

It seems only logical that Charlie's a safe guy to be around when all other men are on her naughty list. While her best friend Sarah is trying to convince Kimber to make the moves on Charlie because he's a good guy, Kimber's trying to convince Sarah that Charlie is totally off limits and is simply the kind of man that sugar plum dreams are made of.

An excerpt can be found on the site.

Beyond this nice shiny release, today is looking like a poop cracker as the man would say. So I would very much love it if you'd send me some nice happy vibes.'s okay you dizbang frantic woman...Om...

LOL. That should work!



  1. Congratulations on your new release. I love stories where there's some sexuality confusion, they're always a fun or funny read.

    It's so trite, but true for me: eat some chocolate, you'll feel better.

  2. I've got my lazy little seraphim back on the job. This time they're in a cloud that's hovering over your feet and they're pummelling like Rocky did in that movie...uh, what was it called? Never mind...they're pummelling like boxers at the tense flesh of your insteps and soles. They're only tiny, so it feels like vibrations and it's working that tension out of your body...ommmmmm

  3. thank you for om's and chocolate :)

    anne, the book seems to be doing well, so maybe other readers are like you! lol



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