Friday, January 28, 2011

Dirty or!

Woohooo! My newest paranormal is out today. Today! Todaytodaytoday! And it's another snow day so everyone is here to witness my abnormal shrieking and flailing about (aka the 'happy' dance). Dirty or Die is available here. And here's a little blurbage for your reading convenience...

Trapped in a haunted house…three blind ghosts, three blind ghosts, see how they hunt… Ghosts are average when you’re a reporter for The Skeptic. But these ghosts are energy vampires. They like fierce emotions—so sex, violence and lust are high on their menu demands. Paranormal reporters Darla and Mason find out that their pent-up, squashed-down lust for each other might just be what keeps them safe in Pike House.

The game of survival starts off with a bang—literally—and keeps escalating at a frenzied pace. If they ever get out of Pike House alive, Darla’s thinking she might just give her huge, handsome partner a shot. After all, she’s lived through much weirder things than love.

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