Sunday, January 23, 2011

good things...

Here I am to try and put down a few good things in a way that people who are not me can comprehend. This weekend has been lazy and busy and I'm not sure how that paradox came about, but even though I feel like I'm doing nothing, I haven't found time to blog properly. Go figure.

Good thing #1:

Being part of Miss Violet Blue's VIP Lounge for her upcoming book The Total Flirt. Yay! I was really stoked to be a part of this. As always, working with Miss Violet is a pleasure. She is fierce, Just ask Oprah.


Good thing #2:

The man had to go have an eardrumectomy after I saw this on amazon the other night. My lovely, hot, sexy, awesome, studly, wonderful, stunning werwolf Garrett and the gang are print! Base Nature paperback ~Tada!

Now all I need to know is...WHEN DO I GET MY COPIES, PEOPLE?! LOL (((not really LOL. I really actually do want to know...tell me!)))

And since I teased you in the title, here's this. I saw FYC in concert once. Okay, there were four of us and two actual tickets. But that is what big, studly, kind security guys are for. They sneak you in when you're short a ticket. Or two.


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