Thursday, January 20, 2011

Hootie-Hoo!! (now say it five times)

Anyone remember Carla from Top Chef? She's actually on Top Chef All Stars as we speak and still kicking ass. Anyway, I loved Carla for her Hootie-Hoos and her positive attitude. I am very pleased to Hootie-Hoo! over my first official review for I'm On Fire. It's a...drum roll please...five hoot review from Nocturne Romance Reads. Yay!!! Thanks to Karia for taking the time to review me.

Okay. I can relax a little now. The first one always gets me right in the solar plexus. Now I can just...breathe. Om...

In other news, I have thusly written three shorts this week (and am almost done a fourth). When I realized I had a few that needed writing, I was wondering if I could get back into that short story swing. I am happy to report that I have indeed swung my um...swing and am uh...swinging very well. With stories, that is. heh.


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  1. Kewl. Sweet ass. Uh, I mean "as"...

    Really good review, ma'am. Congratulations.


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