Wednesday, February 16, 2011


We've all seen it--especially in chick flicks--the perky girl shaving her legs, talking on the phone, sitting there with her jammy pants rolled up or her leggings pushed high or whatever. The point is, she is shaving her legs fast and conveniently with her clothes on and she is...fine!

Who knows why she didn't shave her legs in the shower. Maybe she was working on edits and eager to get back to them. Maybe there was a glass of wine and some TV waiting for her, chatter about the day with a good looking man. Maybe she didn't...okay, I will say it...FEEL like shaving her legs! But then later she thought, hunh...It is warmish and I could sleep sans pants if my legs did not feel like I might be related to Sasquatch.

So this girl, the light bulb goes on over her head and she decides she will roll up her pajama pants, pop in the bathroom, lather, shave, rinse. Then she will unroll her pants and be smooth and happy and shaved.

Lies! It is all lies! You CANNOT shave your legs clothed in ANY FASHION. I had--I mean this girl--had soaking wet pajama pants though they were ROLLED DAMN NEAR TO HER CROTCHULAR REGION and a soaked flannel overshirt. And the bathroom was soaked and the floor!

I was--I mean SHE! was wetter than if she had just gotten in the goddamn shower.

I am going to go watch Top Chef now. Carry on. And beware the media's lies about shaving your legs with clothes on.

The end.



  1. hmmm.maybe you..errrr..THAT GIRL..failed because it wa sthe first time she tried it that way? because my sister does it that way very often and is okay with maybe its a question of traing it?....

  2. Danielle! I would like you to fly your sister over here to give me lessons. And possibly Jo and Heidi too based on their comments... X-D


  3. ME: yes. Crotchular Region. That is the technical term!

    JE: only if you bring towels. and band aids (o_O)


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