Monday, February 28, 2011

MP3 "Playah"

So the girl child killed her MP3 player. Her faithful morning bus stop/dishes after dinner/chore companion. She has butter fingers (like her mother) and dropped it one too many times. Distraught because now she did not have her evasive maneuver in the morning. See, she likes to play it at the bus stop because she can still eavesdrop but avoid talking to people she really doesn't like (what can I say, she has her mother's antisocial gene). She demanded a new one ASAP. Had the money and everything.

So she found one online. I ordered it, it came super fast. It was small and light and cute. I could tell from the get-go she hated it. She put music on it, gave it a few hours and then came down to announce that it was too hard to use and 'too light'. She couldn't tell it was there, therefore would drop it often. She deleted everything, boxed it up. Wanted me to send it back.

It occurred to me to let boy child try it. I will do ANYTHING to avoid shipping items back to a vendor for some reason. He had twenty bucks and if I withheld 2 months allowance it would be paid for. Easy peazy lemon squeezy. He's wanted one for a while anyway and has his mother's inability to save money.

Problem solved!

Until two hours later. "It's too hard to operate. I'm not sure. I don't think I like it..."

Fine, fine, FINE! I will take it, says I. I have just gotten back into running. I can't imagine a better song to run to than When They Come For Me (see below). I will take the damn thing you crazy freaking picky kids!

I used it to run this morning. At one point I wanted to go from MCR to the song mentioned above. I had to stop to find it. Could not find it. Could not GET to it. Ten minutes I stood still. I was supposed to be running. Finally, finally, I figured it out. Then the rest of the run the earbuds kept popping out of my ears.

So it's going back. That little slut has made its way through the whole damn family and everyone hates it. Now comes the hard part...Shipping it back? Nah. Telling they kids THEY WERE RIGHT.




  1. Well, god knows you gave it your best shot!

  2. I was met with a LOUD chorus of "We tooooooooooooooooooold you!"




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