Tuesday, February 1, 2011

random sock shot!

Sorry, folks, I did mean sock and not cock. Those are my lovely lime green slouch socks that were caught in a totally candid shot as I sat on the steps to pull on my boots to go outside and see if I could avoid falling on my dupa. We had a bit of an ice storm here last night. It wasn't as bad as they expected, but bad enough. They shut schools because at first glance it just looks wet...'til you walk on it, fall on your ass, and end up sliding on your bottom down the street (we live on a hill). So...yeah. Snow day!

Today I'm just showing you my lime tootsies (if you follow me on Facebook you've seen the orange and purple ones too...hey, you are welcome ;) ) and pointing you to one of the most original and entertaining reviews of a book I have ever read. You won't be surprised to see that it was written by Miss Alison Tyler...of course it was! Anyway, read a great review of Spank! here (scroll down to the bottom).


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  1. Thank you! And I have to say, when I was typing in your blog address, Sock Dreams came up first (due to autofill, or whatever). So I perused the socks and then came to your blog and saw, um, socks.

    You and I are clearly separated at birth!



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