Monday, February 14, 2011


(and just in time for Valentine's Day!). I'm the featured author at the new Xcite site. Yay me! Did I get lucky or what?

I'm still sort of on a "away from my desk" period regarding the blog. Lots going on. My weekend off included lots of movies: Dead Ringers, Needful Things, Stripper Zombies and The Long Kiss Goodnight. Some of them I had not seen in years. Good stuff. I also read a lot, worked a little, hung out a ton with offspring, including some clothes shopping at the dreaded mall. Cooking, puttering, cleaning and just for fun, a little hot nookie.

Good weekend. I think I need to take the weekend off more often. I sorta kinda maybe ran myself into a wall last week. I got a whole book done but it wiped me out.

Right now I'm working on zombies and have a busy weekend ahead of me. So...of I go. Gotta see about some braaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaains...


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