Friday, February 18, 2011

Wicked Good Space

It's funny. Lately, I've randomly--for no apparent reason at all-- taken two shots of my tiny workspace where my laptop sits. I am either smushed in and seated there writing or in the rocking chair where the desk is still in view. Here's some of what I see:

Then I followed an Etsy link on twitter and found this nifty article. So...what does your space look like? I never shoot the desk TOP because all you'd see is a power strip, the Verizon tower, my laptop and a pencil cup. I tend to shoot the decorative items. to share with me? Dirty, neat, tidy, cluttered, classic or eclectic? Do tell.



  1. Oh! Oh! I can see my book!

    I don't really have a workspace, as such. I just drift around with my laptop and settle wherever I'm in the mood :).

  2. I have stuff EVERYWHERE, particularly at the moment. Notebooks, sweets, books, a diary, etc.

    My bookshelf is a little more organised. Yours looks awesome - look at all that lovely smut *drools*


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