Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Ready? Reviews!

Okay, so I have been wrestling with myself (fun to watch) over something recently. Posting reviews here. Part of me loves it, part of me hates it, most of me is over it. Not over the fact that people take the time to read and review my work. I love that. And I am sincerely grateful for every good review I get.

But I get tired of me-me-ing to be honest. I have a lot of books in rotation, which means a good amount of reviews at any given time. It's how I like things. Shuffling along at a good clip, never a moment to go stagnant or doze off. I'm always writing, so it stands to reason I'll always be releasing (hopehopehope).

It's not my nature to shout look at me! look at me! look at me! and jump up and down. Which is sort of how I feel when I post all these review snippets back to back.

So, at first I said, no more! No more reviews posted here.

Of course....then four superb reviews came in back to back, all in a row, lined up for me in candy-coated colors like Pez in a dispenser.


But I held out. However, it bothered me that people take the time to read and review me and I can't even give them a woohoo! I did reviews for a million years ago, and if you are a good reviewer, it takes time to write a review. I know this.

So...happy medium. Every once in a while, I'll go ahead and post them. All at once. All in one fell swoop. So that readers can skip the post if they like and the blog won't be clogged with me-me-me-ing but actual blogs about actual things.

Tada. Ready? Reviews....

This one is actually a picture file sent to me by my UK publisher for my just out paperback Hard Lessons. Click it. It gets bigger. heh ;)

Here are four and a half(!) cherries from Honeysuckle at Whipped Cream Reviews for Dirty or Die. She is too, too kind to me. :)

This one is for 4 stars from Manic Readers for my handsome angel Alex Church...yum. Angels.

And the final one for this murder of reviews is from The Readers Roundtable: 4.5 crowns for my shifters in Allure. May has done me proud, that spunky little bobcat.

Okay! Done! Ah, that felt good. I have posted links to some fab reviews by some fab reviewers and now I don't have to me-me-me myself (oooh, dirty) for a while. Tada!



  1. If I could weigh in... I like having authors post reviews to their books. Honestly, I wouldn't find most of them any other way. I like them for a few reasons: 1) I've also read the book, and I like to compare my impressions. 2) I haven't read the book, so now I know more about whether I want to. 3) I haven't seen the review site before, and most review sites have all sorts of other books, and articles, and interviews, and writer-ly stuff.

    To me, it doesn't come off as the author saying "Look at me." It's "Look at my BOOK." That's different. So keep posting them, please!

  2. Thanks for weighing in, Shar. I really did wonder how folks felt about it. And you're right about look at my book vs. look at me, but I still feel look at me-ish. It's my strange and weirdish nature ;) however, I think I've come to a happy compromise, do you agree?

    If I wait until I have a few and do them in a single blog, then the folks who like them have several to savor and the folks who don't know to go ahead and skip that blog.

    Win-win! :)


  3. I think you have struck up a nice balance, Sommer.

    This is something I've wrestled with too. I tend to be of the same mindset as you, uncomfortable with the whole "look at me" thing.

    I hadn't really thought of it the way Shar did, but she makes a good point.

    I've recently tended to think that the review on the reviewing site speaks for itself, not really mentioned it on my site. About the only mention I've done of reviews on my blog recently was a post looking both at pro and con reviews from Amazon Vine on a story in a collection. More of a pondering of reviewing in general.

    I'm still working on this one, but it seems like you've gotten to a good place!

  4. It was the best way I could settle the issue with myself, Craig. I don't want to dismiss reviewers b/c I know thoughtful reviews take time. And I truly appreciate them.

    The way I've decided to go about it now, I only have to put on my cheerleader outfit, shake my pom-poms and cheer for my books once or twice a month. :)



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