Sunday, March 20, 2011

Ready? Reviews

For the non-review inclined, feel free to skip this post.

As you know, I always balk about holding my breath for the first review. Well, the first review for LTD came in last week at Manic Readers. Yay! 4.5 and some super nice words. And the second review for LTD came in yesterday at Seriously Reviewed. Yay! again! 4 stars. So we'll split the little difference and say 4.25 average. I am a happy girl. And I can also now go ahead and exhale. :)

Not to be left out I'm On Fire got a lovely 4-cherry review over at WCERR . So again, I say unto thee, yay! (not to be repetitive)

That's your review update for the month or so-ish.

Back tomorrow with part 6 of Wanderlust. Ole!




  1. I reviewed this and gave you four stars!! Whaddaya mean, first? That was AGES ago!

  2. welp, that's news to me, Miss Jo. Where did you review it? I got your lovley email but that was personal :) You have to tell me these things. we all know I am easily confuzled! LOL

    but to clarify, when I say "first review", I mean review site reviews. Places the publisher sends the ms. trying to get it read and reviewed.


  3. Ohh, REAL reviews :)

    Heh. I can't remember where I boughtit! Wherever you linked to, I suppose, my gmail search is hiding it from me.

    I read it all in one night, and when you sent me the book I as a bit awed as to how long it actually was! Lucky I have so much ass-in-chair practice :)

  4. i was pretty awed at how long it was when i finally reached the end myself ;)


    excessica site. that's where it is! thx, lady ;)


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