Thursday, March 3, 2011

stoked stoked STOKED!

I know! I know you should not have favorites. But Learning To Drown was a labor of love for me. I started it for one editor, then there was upheaval at the publisher, then I put it aside. I went back to it when that editor roosted at a new place. But then it all changed again. This book went all around the mulberry bush and me with it as I was writing it.

When I finally finished it and sent it to my publisher Excessica and it was taken...I was thrilled.

Now my baby is #11 in erotica on Fictionwise with some nice ratings. I am stoked! Happy! Thrilled! Psyched! And other things that end with !!!!




  1. I really liked it! So glad it's doing well!

  2. Hey that's great news! And by the sounds of all the trouble you went through just getting it written you deserve a little credit :D

  3. thanks, miss jo. i loved your little email about that line. made my day ;)

    thanks, Raynie. I was hoping it would be worth it. And welcome to the DI group. ;)



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